Gynecologist Insists Dylan Mulvaney Is a Woman - And It Spectacularly Blows Up in Her Face


A gynecologist is being blasted on Twitter for her comments on the social media site regarding a controversial transgender influencer.

On Sunday, a gynecologist named Michele Quinn took to Twitter to respond to a now-deleted tweet from a physician, which showed pictures of transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney and asked if he was a woman.

Dr. Quinn’s response to her fellow medical professional was rather snarky, saying, “Gynecologist here. The answer is yes. And you’re a bigot. Not a good look for a physician.”

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Unfortunately for Quinn, other Twitter users were quick to respond to her ridiculous claim that Mulvaney is a woman, saying that it is rather concerning for a doctor, especially a gynecologist, to say that someone who is obviously a man is a woman.

Quinn then had a complete meltdown, and disabled further responses to her tweet in order to not let “the bigotry run rampant in this thread.”

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Nevertheless, people found creative ways to get around this act, some sending her direct Twitter messages, and others leaving bad reviews about her medical practice.

On the one hand, seeing this doctor get absolutely humiliated due to her ridiculous comments is hilarious, but it also speaks to something rather disturbing about our health system.

It seems now that transgenderism is an accepted norm among American medical professionals, despite the fact that it is obviously untrue and very harmful to the people who go down that path.

Doctors take oaths to do no harm when they begin their medical practice. By indulging in these delusions and allowing people to follow this dangerous lifestyle, these doctors are doing immense harm, both mentally and physically, to their patients.

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It’s also worth mentioning that Quinn proudly says in her Twitter bio that she is an “abortion provider,” meaning that she not only does irreversible harm to confused people but also uses her medical practice to kill children.

The people on Twitter are absolutely right to call Quinn out. If we lived in a saner world, her medical practice would be severely scrutinized. But because transgenderism is accepted by the establishment, she will continue to promote this obvious evil.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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