Hamas' Top Commander in Gaza Dead in Israeli Airstrike, Hellfire on His Hamas High-Rise Office Brings It to the Ground


Explosives love a static target.

That is one lesson the top commander of Hamas should have taken to heart before basing his operation out of a Gaza Strip high-rise instead of a more fortified position.

Unfortunately for Bassem Issa, the top Hamas commander in Gaza, Israeli jets collapsed his offices before turning their deadly fury on him in a series of retaliatory airstrikes Wednesday following days of deadly rocket salvos from the Palestinian-held area.

According to Fox News, Issa was killed by an Israeli aircraft in a series of airstrikes.

The strikes also killed other very important Hamas leaders, including the head of rocket development and the head of rocket production.

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These men likely played a leading role in the horrific onslaught of missiles that began earlier this week. With the two now gone, it’s likely Hamas’ rocket program will suffer.

Israeli jets also brought down the Al Sharuk tower, a high-rise that housed Hamas offices as well as a few unrelated commercial businesses.

Shortly before the strike, Israel sent a warning to those in the tower to vacate. With Hamas hiding behind human shields like this, clean kills become exceedingly difficult.

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Although nobody was hurt in the collapse, there’s no telling how much material damage was done to Hamas with the destruction of files, equipment and anything else they left in their offices.

Video of the building’s collapse shows how easily it crumpled to the ground after being pummeled by precision bombs.

It looks like Hamas needs to invest in a bunker, not that it will keep them safe from Israel’s impressive arsenal.

These most recent airstrikes come after horrifying rocket swarms were launched by Hamas into civilian areas.

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Although Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted most of the explosives, the sheer number raining down on the Holy Land overwhelmed the system at times and allowed some to make it through.

Videos of the impressive system have gone viral this week, showing the terrifying scene in the skies above the country.

With Hamas’ offensive seemingly far from over, it’s likely we’ll see even more impressive proof of the Iron Dome’s dominance.

Fortunately for Israelis and everyone else trying to live their lives in peace, it looks like these airstrikes have taken a major bite out of Hamas leadership.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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