Heartbreaking Video Captures Little Boy's Cries as Women Steal His Trump Hat, Taunt Him


Leftists claim to be all about love and tolerance.

Unfortunately, that love and tolerance only extend to people with the right political bona fides.

On Thursday night, two loving and tolerant individuals targeted a young boy and his mother, stealing the boy’s MAGA hat. According to the mother, the two assailants were supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, though that detail has not been independently confirmed.

Seven-year-old Riley and his mom were protesting against Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, when two women ripped up their signs and stole Riley’s MAGA hat.

When a man tried to get the hat back, the women started throwing punches and tossed the hat over a tall fence.

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WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

It is heartbreaking to see a child treated like that.

The behavior from the two Biden supporters is despicable. They are two fully grown women who felt justified in assaulting a young child simply because he disagrees with them politically.

Let me say that again: Two adults attacked a child because he supports the sitting president of the United States.

Riley’s mother said they had just attended a peaceful protest against Biden and were waiting for a table at a restaurant, according to the Washington Examiner.

Some of the responses on Twitter suggested Riley’s mother was the one at fault for bringing her son to a political event in the first place.

Whether bringing a child to a political event is prudent or not is irrelevant. It does not give others the right to attack the child.

Moreover, pivoting the focus from the actions of the women who assaulted him to whether Riley’s mom should have brought him to the event is a form of victim-blaming.

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If Riley hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have had his hat stolen. That’s true. However, his presence wasn’t the problem; the actions of the intolerant Biden supporters were.

Regardless of their political leanings, people in this country should be able to go about their business without fear of being attacked for their opinions. Time and again, however, we’ve seen that the left simply cannot abide differences of opinion.

Since President Donald Trump took office — indeed, since he became the 2016 Republican presidential nominee — we’ve seen numerous attacks on Americans by their fellow citizens for wearing MAGA apparel. More recently, we’ve seen BLM supporters attack those who aren’t sufficiently woke.

A country cannot survive when one faction is routinely triggered by the mere existence of an opposing faction.

The left must put a stop to this madness. At best, however, Democratic politicians give their violent supporters a pass; at worst, they tacitly condone the violence.

Luckily, Riley’s story has a happy ending: He’s getting a new hat straight from the president and his team.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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