'Heavily Armed' Antifa Mob Attacks Pro-Veteran Demonstration in Oregon


A group of antifa radicals disrupted a pro-freedom rally Sunday in Salem, Oregon.

The “Freedom” rally was advertised as an event to honor those who “fought for our freedoms.” Once word of that rally got out, radical leftists declared they would hold a “Fascist Free 503” counterdemonstration (503 is the northeastern Oregon area code) to block the Freedom rally from reaching the state Capitol.

About 200 antifa demonstrators whom police described as “heavily armed” clashed with officers and pro-freedom rallygoers, according to the Salem Statesman Journal.

Police eventually declared the antifa riot an unlawful assembly and arrested at least three people, according to the report.

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As individuals participating in the Freedom rally approached the Capitol in vehicles bearing American flags, antifa rioters threw rocks, balloons filled with paint and other objects at the vehicles, the Statesman Journal reported.

In some cases, a laser was pointed at the eyes of the drivers.

One vehicle was hit with a large tree limb that was thrown through the front window.

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Antifa came ready to rumble with a supply of bats, ballistic vests and gas masks, Salem police said.

Police eventually closed the approach to the Capitol and sought to keep the Freedom rally participants and antifa counterdemonstrators apart.

Officers eventually warned the antifa group that failing to break up the violence “may result in force being used against you to include impact weapons, munitions and tear gas.”

In one incident, a man in a truck sporting an American flag decided to fight back after his truck was damaged.

The man then pulled out a pistol and allegedly pointed it at the antifa rioters. He was later detained by police.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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