High-Tech Restaurant Delivery Robot Skirts Around Homeless Man in Dark Cali Scene


Blue states like California claim to have the interests of lower-class Americans at heart, but a video posted on TikTok shows the real dystopian consequences of progressive policies.

A user by the name of “supersnacksupreme” posted the video of a “Postmates robot” on the social media site on Thursday. In it, the high-tech delivery machine can be seen avoiding a homeless man on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles en route to deliver a meal.

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It is hard to imagine a better depiction of the society that the leftist elite have created. As a robot does the job that humans once got paid to do, a homeless man looks on helplessly.

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Postmates is a food delivery service owned by Uber. According to its website, the robot is called “Serve,” and it can deliver “your favorite anything” at any time.

“Serve’s personality is all about understanding people,” it says. “Nothing about Serve’s intelligence is artificial.”

The company goes on to boast that the robot is “a respectful member of the community” and that it can see the world just as humans can.

In other words, there is no a longer a need for human delivery jobs, because robots can do the job just as well or even better than a human ever could.

Does the left truly care about low-income workers?

Of course, companies like Postmates would have you believe that artificial intelligence robots are not going to take American jobs. At the bottom of the webpage about “Serve,” it provides a “careers” link to jobs with Uber Eats.

A click on this link takes the user to a page describing some employment opportunities. Nearly all of them are high-education jobs such as “Engineering,” “Data Science,” and “Product Management.”

What if you are a blue-collar worker without a college degree who needs a low-level job to make some money? It looks like you’re out of luck at Uber Eats.

The problem is that this is not a fringe example. As more leftist policies are enacted in California and other states, more blue-collar jobs will be destroyed.

Take, for example, the minimum wage in the Golden State. According to KTLA, it increased to $14 an hour on Jan. 1, 2021. That same law will up the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2023.

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Democrats have claimed that this increase will help low-income workers by giving them more money. In reality, it will lead to more robots like “Serve” who can take the place of employees that have now become expendable.

According to a Heritage Foundation article by Heritage research fellow Rachel Greszler, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would lead to a projected median of 1.4 million jobs lost. The CBO added that this estimate was on the conservative end, and the job losses could reach as many as 2.7 million, Greszler wrote.

It is not just artificial intelligence that would lead to fewer job opportunities for low-income individuals. Higher-skilled workers could potentially be tasked with jobs that once went to lower-skilled workers.

Mark J. Perry, a professor of finance and economics and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told The Western Journal in an April email that “unskilled, low-skilled, and limited-experience workers” would no longer be attractive to employers paying a $15 minimum wage.

Perry wrote that right now, low-skilled workers have the advantage of lower cost to companies. If the minimum wage is increased so drastically, they will no longer have that benefit.

“Given the reality that low-skilled workers compete against high-skilled workers, an increase in the federal minimum wage say to $15 an hour (a 107% increase from the current hourly minimum wage of $7.25) would make higher-skilled, more productive, more experienced workers more attractive to employers and unskilled workers less attractive,” Perry wrote.

The fact that the Postmates “Serve” robot must maneuver around a homeless man in the video is a perfect analogy for the left’s true feelings about low-income workers.

Democrats claim that their reasoning for pushing policies like minimum wage increases is to help those in poverty. This is a lie.

Instead, those low-income workers simply represent an obstacle to the left’s desired end. This real goal goes unstated, but it is clear.

The left wants to create a society where the government is the breadwinner, and every citizen must be forced to look to it to provide their necessities. The end goal is not low unemployment, but rather a complete dependence on the government to provide for the people.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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