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Hollywood Stars Melt Down as Trump Puts the Pressure On Biden During Debate

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The snooty wrath of Hollywood’s liberal elite descended upon President Donald Trump after he dominated Thursday’s debate in Nashville, Tennesse, against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. However, amid the ritual condemnation of the president, some celebrities panned Biden’s showing and supported Trump.

“Avengers” star Mark Ruffalo labeled the president a “colossal liar,” an attack copied by director Rob Reiner.

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Actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who has been in a perpetual state of outrage since the 2016 election, was aghast that the controversy over emails from a laptop that belonged to Biden’s son, Hunter, and questions that he may have been involved in using the office of the vice president for his own gain were brought up at all.

Actress Sophia Bush expressed outrage over the treatment of illegal immigrant families.

Meanwhile, actor Josh Gad shared that he was all in for Biden.

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Although Hollywood runs far to the left, not all of the replies from the entertainment world trashed Trump.

Actress Kirstie Alley named Trump the winner of the confrontation.

Kevin Sorbo said that at a time when the Hunter Biden investigations are trying to learn the extent of the former vice president’s involvement in his son’s dealings, the elder Biden made at least one serious gaffe.

Trump partisan Joy Villa said her piece about which candidate is most honest.

In an Op-Ed for Forbes, Gene Del Vecchio indicated that liberal celebrities hoping their fan bases will morph into Biden voters might be deluding themselves.

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“It is common for Hollywood stars to share their opinions on just about every political and social issue in order to sway a multitude of voters,” he wrote. “But surprise! Studies show that most voters care very little about what celebrities think, and astonishingly, their efforts often have the opposite effect.

Del Vecchio said, “While it is true that some of today’s consumers want to devour both a celebrity’s entertainment and political beliefs, most fans prefer not to be inundated with their opinions, especially those that force them into contrived choices.

“So when in doubt, celebrities should keep their opinions to themselves, as hard as that is to do. They are swaying no one, and might be hurting their cause more than helping it.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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