It's the Bluest District in America, and a Pro-Life, Pro-Trump Dem Pastor Is Leading


Something extraordinary may be happening in what the Washington Examiner calls “the most liberal congressional district in the country.”

The Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., a socially conservative, pro-Trump Pentecostal pastor, is in the lead among 12 Democratic contenders for New York’s 15th Congressional District seat.

A May poll conducted by the liberal think tank Data for Progress found Diaz leading the crowded field with 22 percent.

The winner of Tuesday’s Democratic primary is expected to be a shoo-in to win the seat in November.

CBS News describes Diaz as “polarizing.” When establishment media call a candidate “polarizing,” you know there’s a very good chance he is terrific.

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Only conservatives, particularly social conservatives, are “polarizing” in the eyes of the establishment media. Divisive Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are never described that way.

Speaking of Ocasio-Cortez, Diaz has described himself as “the opposite of AOC.” Her Bronx congressional district borders the 15th.

The New York Times endorsed Diaz’s strongest opponent, New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres. The Times is so scared of Diaz that it even headlined one of its articles with the question “How Is This Man a Top Contender?”

While Torres checks off all the usual left-wing boxes, Diaz boldly goes against the grain. He proudly marched against same-sex marriage in the years before the Supreme Court’s Obergfell decision wrongly forced it on the entire nation.

He is unapologetically pro-life. He has compared abortion to the Holocaust and said “murderers, assassins and criminals are pro-choice.”

Diaz wears a cowboy hat and is proudly Christian. “To God be all the Glory and all the Honor!” he wrote in a Monday newsletter.

Diaz has long been a contrarian within his own party. He endorsed Republican Rudy Giuliani as well as Hillary Clinton’s GOP opponent during her U.S. Senate campaign in New York. (Ninety-three percent of Diaz’s district voted for Clinton in 2016.)

More importantly, Diaz has held out in the past against calls from Democrats for his resignation over his views. He has refused to back down in the face of such opposition.

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This bodes well for Trump. If Diaz makes it to Washington, D.C., he could have thicker skin than some swamp creatures. He might even hold strong to his principles. Let’s hope so.

His lead also says a lot about New York City. He is leading in what is seen as the most pro-Democratic district in America; his message is resonating with many of its residents. Is it possible that many Democrats in such traditionally blue urban enclaves are sick and tired of radical leftist policies?

Could a pro-Trump conservative outsider stance be a winning message among Democrats, particularly in urban areas that the Republican Party apparatus has neglected for too long?

Do you think Diaz will win?

What happens if conservatives run as Democrats in left-leaning districts and then get elected?

These are interesting questions to ponder. This race will likely provide some answers.

Either way, the energy behind Diaz is good news. It is good news for Trump and for the district.

And if it is a sign of a growing sentiment within the nation, it is good news heading into the 2020 election.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

UPDATE, June 24, 2020: As of June 24, the Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. is no longer in the lead. However, a large number of absentee ballots were cast and will be counted on June 30. For the latest information on the primary election results for New York’s 15th congressional district, click here.

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