Itxu Díaz: The Bleach Gang


There are days when you wake up wanting to conquer the world.

Today I woke up like this, like a rebel. With the temptation to do something subversive. Something really transgressive, that breaks the mold, that makes the entire universe feel a chill. Something definitely historical, countercultural, provocative, wild and criminal.

Determined to do so, at first my pulse trembled at the thought of possible consequences. Retaliation is becoming more and more prevalent. The stakes are becoming increasingly higher. But I have remained steadfast in the purpose of exercising my freedom, whatever the cost.

So, while holding my breath, with my face covered by a ski mask and in the dark with the blinds closed, I tiptoed to the television, took the remote control, swallowed hard, entrusted myself to the Archangel Saint Michael, and did it, without looking back. I watched “Dumbo.”

What can I say — life belongs to the risk-takers.

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The bleach gang is on the prowl. They walk the corners of culture and history, observing every corner of time and space from previous centuries with 2021 lenses, judging lightly, with the pride of our time, all the works of our ancestors, and applying liters and liters of bleach to everything that does not meet their expectations of what the world should be.

I don’t intend to exalt the new censors. They are nothing more than a bunch of idiots taking advantage of an equally idiotic society.

They are the same ones who fired Gina Carano. Those who took legal action against the old princess tales. Those who banned the sale of Ryan Anderson’s book “When Harry Became Sally.” Those who accuse Looney Tunes of promoting rape. Those who — as mad as they are oblivious to the slightest sense of ridicule — are blocking the study of Homer’s works from the universities for their “perfidious and poisonous values.”

I suppose instead they will propose to train children in the Greco-Latin heritage through the complete works of the celebrated Greek poet Kamala Harris.

Do you think "Dumbo" is racist?

We know the hand of the gang’s executors, but not their ideologists. Who decrees that “Dumbo” is racist? I would like to see their face.

I would like to know at what moment in the evolution of man did the earth give birth to such a peculiar brain that should be donated to science tomorrow to at least be able to predict from where the idiots of tomorrow will come. Because now anything is possible.

The answer is fear. They have managed to invade everything with fear. The worst thing about cancel culture is not the sleaze of censorship. The worst thing is the contagious madness of prudence, that is, self-censorship.

Nothing spreads faster than apprehension. The fear of seeing, hearing, writing, saying or even thinking something that is outside the canons dictated by those invisible faces of the bleach gang, which thrives on erasing the work of others.

I read that the CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, has finally ruled on his censures in recent weeks. My first disappointment at the news was to discover that, contrary to what I had thought since I was a child, the CEO of Disney is not Donald Duck. These guys ruin any kind of hope.

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Chapek’s entire justification for forbidding children from seeing “The Aristocats,” “Dumbo” or “Peter Pan” is that, in his opinion, “we should all live in harmony and peace.” Something that, apparently, “Dumbo” prevents.

I don’t know what world Chapek lives in, but “The Aristocats,” “Dumbo” and the beautiful Gina Carano give me much more “peace and harmony” than the censorious and liberticidal effort of the bleach gang.

This article first appeared on The Western Journal en Español.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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