Itxu Díaz: It's Either Harris or America's Freedom, the Choice is Yours


In the past, when we had a serious problem, we called the United States.

There are few friends who can quickly put a missile at the door of a tyrant’s house in such a way that he understands that he cannot continue mistreating his people, funding mobs or terrorism without consequences.

Today the bad guys are better camouflaged in their sheepskins, wars are no longer in style — since Vietnam, skinny jeans are all the rage — and American leadership is still necessary to preserve freedom in other regions.

But only a strong and united America is useful to the world. Only a free America is useful to itself.

On November 3, the country once again will decide which side of history it wants to be on at this decisive moment.

System That Helped Anti-Trump Senator, Democrat to Win in Red State May Be Coming to an End Soon

A virus worse than the coronavirus may have yet to arrive.

Edmund Burke warned years ago: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”

That’s how it goes.

The enemy is no longer the grayish, warlike, bureaucratized Soviet monster of the 20th century, even though the bad guys remain totalitarian, violent and murderous. They have perfected their subtlety, at least at the start.

Do you think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are essentially socialists?

In the end, just like in Venezuela, good men always end up in jail receiving blows to the crotch.

The painting of John Wayne that has presided over my desk for years serves to remind me that the years have passed, the Berlin Wall has fallen, Saint John Paul II has risen to Heaven, but communism is still the problem. And it continues to have the same fascination with torture that Stalin or Lenin had.

The pandemic has accelerated the crisis in countries that have already shown signs of wanting to bankrupt themselves and surrender to the socialist trap.

The left has taken to the streets in America and Europe because it needs poverty to have people dying from hunger to save, making the State so large that it prevents seeing the sun every morning.

That whole Latin American gang with their drug dictatorship is nothing new. And yet, whether it be with drugs or oil, or with the gold that they steal from their people, they are gradually funding revolutions, artificially infiltrating their ideological garbage in countries that are ripe enough to fall from the tree of freedom.

Biden Has All But Lost His Advantage in Key Voting Bloc that Drove 2020 Win, Devastating Poll Shows

The latest example is Chile, that after many months of watching its churches burn, has given in to the same deception of the new left, which is the same old dog with a different collar.

Even though they cannot admit it, the Biden-Harris plan is for the United States to join that new Axis of Evil that Venezuela and Cuba have been promoting for years.

Their socialism doesn’t even resemble that of Bill Clinton, who had enough to solve his own problems and to put the country in a very tortuous spiral of taxes, poverty and misery.

We can’t say the same about Hillary, who is working hard to get today’s Democrats to subtly adapt to the plan that guys as different as George Soros, Michael Moore and Nicolás Maduro alike want. Or maybe they’re not so different.

America can once again be the great wall of freedom. A region free of socialists, totalitarians and rulers whose highest aspiration in life is to go out in sweats during the news hour to hit the nation with revolutionary slogans from the last century, while domestic economies become more impoverished and the spirits of the citizens wither.

In a world bankrupt due to the health crisis, the United States can survive, by betting on a real economy, based on businesses and families, and by avoiding the populist temptation of the Democrats, who are more radical than ever.

The hatred for Trump that the left touts is just a trivial electoral argument. The same one Hillary Clinton used today: Let’s do whatever it takes to kick Trump out.

But the reality is very different.

They don’t want to end the Republican president, they just want to seize power, divide the country, ruin families, raise taxes, go after companies and benefit the big ideological mafias of the media and Silicon Valley.

It’s not just about getting Trump out. It’s about opening wide the doors to Biden’s socialist program and Harris’ delusional sectarianism. Harris’ sole purpose is to forcibly change the way Americans think, to break the country ideologically and undermine all of the traditional American values ​​that made this nation great.

All you have to do is listen to her. Harris’ speech is that of someone who hates the United States, is ashamed of everything it represents, and wishes she could brainwash, one by one, each and every middle class American who did not vote the way she wanted in 2016.

In that eternal work “Don Quixote,” the protagonist seems to speak to the American people at this decisive hour: “Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven ever gave to man. Neither the treasures hidden in the earth nor those the sea covers can equal it. For freedom, as well as for honor, one can and should risk one’s life”.

It’s either Harris or freedom. The choice is yours.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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