Jenny Beth Martin's Shocking Phone Conversation with Georgia Election Officials Should Infuriate Americans


The aftermath of the 2020 election night has been wrought with controversy, to say the least.

While multiple media outlets have already begun singing the praises of presumptive president-elect Joe Biden, the race is far from over.

Yes, Biden appears likely to win the Electoral College vote and has a healthy lead in the popular vote.

But how many of those leads are genuine?

One key battleground state that shockingly flipped for Biden is the Peach State, Georgia. That is a state that a Democratic presidential nominee hasn’t won in nearly 30 years, and its Republican traditions certainly appear to run deep.

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But as of Wednesday morning, Biden held a razor-thin edge of less than 0.3 percentage points in Georgia. In fact, The Associated Press has not called the state, despite other outlets doing so.

That margin is small enough for the Trump campaign to request a recount, which would normally be great news if you believe in double-checking something as monumental and important as election votes.

The key word there is “normally.”

Tea Party Patriots Action’s Jenny Beth Martin called election officials in Georgia to dig a little deeper into the recount. The responses she got should infuriate Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

You can listen to a clip of the conversation below.

“Which numbers are you going to be giving to the secretary of state? Is it the numbers from the recount or is it the numbers from the original scan?” Martin asked.

After getting redirected, Martin received an answer that was less than ideal.

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“All of us counties have to turn in the same thing,” the official responded.

“What does that mean? Because I’m hearing different things from different counties,” Martin said in a follow-up question.

“No. We all have to turn in what we did election night and then we all have to turn in what we do with this recount. The recount’s not over though,” the official said.

The official then confirmed that the numbers counted during election night and the recount were not “exactly the same.”

“Which ones will be counted as the official numbers?” Martin asked.

“The election night numbers, the official replied.

“Why is that?” Martin said.

“You’ll have to ask the state why that is, ma’am. I don’t know,” the official said.

“Your numbers were not the same?” Martin eventually asked.

“No,” the official replied.

When pressed further on whether or not it made sense to count election night numbers instead of the recount numbers, the official told Martin that, essentially, her hands were tied.

“We do what we’re told and that’s it.”

“These conversation are further indication that the Georgia recount is a total sham and @GASecofState is not acting in good faith,” Martin said in a follow-up tweet.

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