Jill Biden's Car Parade a Total Flop Compared to Massive Trump Boat Parades


Even for those who enjoy cringe-inducing awkward comedy, the farce that is the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign is just getting too humiliating to watch.

The former vice president is usually stuck doing video interviews from his underground lair when not simply putting a “lid” on his campaign, as he has done on several occasions this month at a time when the candidate should be hitting the ground running.

Instead, his wife, Jill Biden, is out and about, hoping sad little car parades will drive enthusiasm for her husband.

“Campaigning in 2020,” Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden’s traveling press secretary, captioned footage of one such event Sept. 16.

“Yard sign car parades with @DrBiden and @DouglasEmhoff,” he wrote, also tagging Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Biden’s running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris. “Beep Beep!”

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There was another one last Thursday in Riverside, California, that boasted “70 vehicles,” according to one Twitter user.

It wasn’t very exciting in Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday at another rally where Jill Biden accompanied Democratic Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney at an early voting site.

Rather than having the electric energy of campaign stops that should surround a Democratic presidential candidate who is supposedly the front-runner, it feels more like those drive-by birthday celebrations many had for their loved ones during the COVID-19 lockdowns before the novelty wore off in early summer.

Perhaps instead of the garden-variety Biden/Harris yard signs, they could have hired one of those companies that puts out “Holy cow! Look who’s turning 50!” signs with the corresponding number of wooden cutouts painted to like cow rear ends to celebrate the milestone (that would be more than 180 for Joe Biden, going by years in the Senate).

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What’s even more pathetic (yes, it gets worse) is that these are meant to counter the massive rallies for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign that are cropping up all around America.

For instance, there are car parades like the one in leftist Los Angeles that dwarfed the Biden/Harris events.

There was a Trump tractor parade.

Then there are the boat parades — and more boat parades.

There was even an Amish horse and buggy rally, which is maybe the only one that is comparable to Biden/Harris car parades due only to the lack of internal combustion engines.

If only Joe Biden were running for president of his retirement community instead of leader of the free world, the turnout for him would be respectable in comparison.

Yet he’s running against Trump, who outpaces him in every way, including voter support even as the establishment media is all-in that Joe Biden will handily win in November.

Do you think the enthusiasm gap in favor of Trump spells trouble for Biden?

The obvious “enthusiasm gap” is starting to look like more of a chasm in comparison, and some polls are beginning to tighten and even favor Trump.

The going theory is still that the president’s unpopularity is enough to turn out voters in droves for Biden, which may be as anything can happen between now and Election Day in the world of modern politics, and many are worried about the potential for fraud with increased mail-in balloting.

Still, judging from the grassroots support and unwavering loyalty his supporters have shown en masse during these events, it looks like Trump may be re-elected after all, vanquishing Biden for good.

As for Joe Biden, well, maybe his wife will stop propping up a man who has no business holding any executive office — retirement community president or otherwise.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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