Jim Jordan Presents Evidence of Democrats' 'Double Standard' in Fiery Impeachment Defense


Denouncing partisan hypocrisy, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio slammed Democrats on Wednesday for their use of a double standard when it comes to objecting to an election.

Jordan spoke as the House moved forward with the process of impeaching President Donald Trump, citing last week’s Capitol incursion and Trump’s words and action before, during and after the violence. Jordan is among the Republicans opposing impeachment, which is likely to pass the House. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said impeachment is unlikely to make it on the Senate calendar until after Trump’s term in office has ended.

Jordan said that Republicans who last week wanted to voice objections to the Electoral College vote that gave President-elect Joe Biden his victory were only doing something Democrats have done before.

“In his opening remarks, the Democrat chair of the Rules Committee said that Republicans last week voted to overturn the results of an election. Guess who the first objector was on Jan. 6, 2017? First objector: the Democrat chairman of the Rules Committee,” Jordan said, referring to Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts.

“And guess which state he objected to? Alabama. The very first state called. Alabama. President Trump, I think, won Alabama by like 80 points,” Jordan said, before consulting notes and saying that Trump in fact won the state by 30 points.

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“They can object to Alabama in 2017 but tell us we can’t object to Pennsylvania in 2021,” Jordan said.

Jordan then hammered away at the irregularities that marred the election in Pennsylvania.

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“Pennsylvania where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just unilaterally extended the election to Friday?” Jordan said.

“Pennsylvania where the secretary of state unilaterally changed the rules, went around the legislature in an unconstitutional fashion. Pennsylvania where county clerks in some counties — and you can imagine which counties they were — let people fix their ballots,” he said, an action he said was a “direct violation of the law.”

“And they tell us we tried to overturn the election? Guess who the second objector was in 2017? The individual managing the impeachment for the Democrats,” Jordan said, referring to Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland.

“Americans are tired of the double standard. They are so tired of it,” he said.

“Democrats objected to more states in 2017 than Republicans did last week, but somehow we’re wrong?”

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Jordan said Democrats cannot accept that the GOP is ever right on anything.

“Democrats can raise bail for rioters and looters this summer, but somehow when Republicans condemn all the violence — the violence this summer, the violence last week — somehow we’re wrong?”

Jordan further attacked Democrats because they tried to impeach Trump for four years but “will not look at an election that 80 million Americans … have their doubts about.”

“I do not know where all this goes, and this is frightening for the country,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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