Jim Jordan Rips Apart Leaders Imposing Lockdowns: Don't Cancel Holidays, Cancel the Lockdowns


Democrats have played the role of the Grinch all year, proposing canceling American holidays and traditions.

They attacked Easter in April in many areas of the country, and now many of these radical, and sometimes hypocritical, elected Democrats are going after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a Republican, has a better idea than canceling the holidays.

He proposed canceling lockdowns.

Jordan took to Twitter on Monday to give a short analysis of the country’s options this holiday season.

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He wrote, “Don’t cancel Thanksgiving. Don’t cancel Christmas. Cancel lockdowns.”

The post was definitely to the point, but it makes an awful lot of sense.

Americans aren’t built for handling overt government tyranny for extended periods of time.

Sure, things were a bit gray in March, when we all sort of agreed to hang out at home for two weeks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But there was never any stopping the spread.

Despite the lockdowns, which for most Americans lasted much longer than two weeks, the made-in-China contagion swept the country like wildfire.

We know from looking at European countries such as Spain that lockdowns don’t work.

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The country has imposed draconian measures on interpersonal behavior and mandated masks.

Spain’s cases are still rising.

The U.S., which is also seeing an increase in cases, likely wouldn’t benefit from more government-imposed restrictions on our First Amendment rights, so those who might be vulnerable to coronavirus complications should evaluate threats to the health of themselves and their loved ones and decide whether a communal turkey with family is worth it.

Making one’s own health decisions is the American way.

Risk analysis is for the individual, and we know that most people are likely to allow their immune system to quickly dispose of the illness.

Feel free to avoid the coming holidays, but don’t do it because the government tells you to.

Give thanks for all of life’s blessings next week, and celebrate the birth of Christ on Dec. 25 if you wish — never mind what government says.

If you feel so inclined, embrace that uniquely American “independent spirit” that Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to lament so much.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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