Joe Biden Gets the Worst News from Latest Poll by CNN on Debt Ceiling Talks


President Joe Biden has found himself on the losing end of the discussion over raising the debt ceiling as a new poll finds that a majority of Americans oppose the president’s stance in the debate.

The new poll conducted by SSRS finds that 60 percent of respondents think that Congress should only raise the debt ceiling if Washington also institutes spending cuts, CNN reported.

This poll is bad news for Biden because he has virulently opposed any cuts at all in the federal budget as it is linked to the debt ceiling hike discussion.

On Saturday, Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy blasted the president for not being able to find “a single dollar” to cut.

“President Biden doesn’t think there is a single dollar of savings to be found in the federal government’s budget,” McCarthy wrote.

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“He’d rather be the first president in history to default on the debt than to risk upsetting the radical socialists who are calling the shots for Democrats right now,” he added.

It looks as if most Americans side with McCarthy, at least on budget cuts.

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CNN’s poll also found that a majority of Americans also favor raising the debt limit to keep America from defaulting on its financial obligations.

Eighty-four percent told CNN they support raising the ceiling (only 15 percent opposed it) along with the 60 percent who say the hike should come with budget cuts.

Republicans (79 percent) and independents (58 percent) both support raising the debt ceiling. But the issue is also troubling for Biden since Democrats are split on the issue. While 46 percent of Democrats support raising the debt ceiling no matter what, 45 percent also support budget cuts, which goes quite against Biden’s big-spending ways.

This result might serve as a warning to Biden that he stands to alienate half his own voter base by stubbornly refusing to allow any budget cuts. Not that he will heed it.

Meanwhile, Biden now has the lowest positives of any president since Jimmy Carter — and that includes Donald Trump, who Biden has said was the “worst president America has ever had.”

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“Biden’s approval rating in the new poll stands at 40%, with 60% saying they disapprove. That’s about on par with where he stood in a March CNN poll (42% approved then) but continues a downward trend since January, when 45% approved of his performance,” CNN added.

That isn’t the worst of it, either. CNN also found that Biden’s ratings on key issues are even worse. Only 35 percent approve of his handling of the federal budget, 34 percent approve of how he is handling the economy, and a tiny 30 percent approve of how he is handling immigration.

Biden is on the losing end in nearly every metric, and despite his proclamations that Trump was worse, his numbers are now consistently below Trump’s worst numbers.

Just over one year out from the 2024 election, Biden couldn’t be in a worse position to win a second term. And he does not seem to be getting the message.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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