Jordan Identifies Ways DOJ, FBI Interfered in Last 4 Elections as He Prepares to Chair 'Church 2' Committee


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan highlighted how the Department of Justice and the FBI have interfered in the last four federal election cycles. And the DOJ is already potentially doing the same for 2024.

Jordan argued on the Fox News program “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo that the interference seems to always be directed against Republicans and for Democrats.

He cited the way the FBI treated 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified documents and President Joe Biden’s conduct versus former GOP President Donald Trump, who got his Mar-a-Lago, Florida, home raided by the FBI in August, shortly before the midterm elections.

“That’s why we’ve created this select committee to look into some of this disparate treatment we see in the way the Justice Department operates,” Jordan said, referring to the House select so-called  “Church 2” committee that he will chair, which is charged with investigating the “weaponization of the federal government.”

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Bartiromo noted the pattern of the DOJ and FBI inserting themselves into several recent elections.

“You’re exactly right,” Jordan responded.

“2016 they spy on Trump’s campaign,” he said. “2018 it’s the Mueller investigation. 2020, they suppress the Hunter Biden story. 2022, they raid the president’s home 91 days before the midterms, but they don’t tell us about Joe Biden’s classified document issue that they knew about prior to the election.”

Jordan also noted that the DOJ has now appointed special counsels to investigate Trump and Biden, potentially impacting the 2024 presidential race.

Do you think Democrats have weaponized the DOJ and FBI?

“Maybe the FBI should just stay out of things, and let the American people decide who we want representing us in Congress, and who we want as commander in chief and not weigh in on all these various elections,” Jordan said.

Bartiromo asked Jordan if his committees will be able to get a handle on the DOJ’s and FBI’s misconduct.

“Step one in stopping this behavior is first exposing it and giving all the truth to the American people,” he answered.

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Jordan said that whistleblowers have come forward, with one telling him the top FBI leadership is “rotten at its core.”

The lawmaker told the New York Post last week that his initial roster of 14 whistleblowers has now grown to “dozens.”

They “want to go public. It looks to us that many have already been retaliated against by the FBI,” Jordan said, explaining some have been suspended or had their security clearance revoked as punishment for speaking to his office.

Jordan emphasized to Bartiromo that stopping the abuses of the DOJ and FBI is “the motivation for having this committee, so that we can expose all this and make sure it stops and doesn’t happen in this great country.”

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