Judge Has Had Enough of Hunter Biden's Games, Threatens Him with Up to 6 Months in Prison


Hunter Biden has been ordered to show up in person at an Arkansas court next month to answer questions about his income in connection with an ongoing child support lawsuit or face possible contempt charges.

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer issued the order Monday, according to Business Insider.

The long-running case involves Hunter Biden’s child by Lunden Roberts, who first sued Hunter Biden to establish paternity and has since battled with him over support for their daughter.

Two issues are now before the court, with a trial scheduled for July 24. One issue is Roberts’ demand to change her daughter’s last name to Biden, which Hunter Biden opposes, according to the Arkansas Times.

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The other issue is Hunter Biden’s request to reduce the $20,000 a month he pays in child support, which Roberts opposes. Hunter Biden, who has made national headlines for selling pricey artwork, has said there has been a change in his financial circumstances.

The Monday order was issued after the attorney for Roberts, the plaintiff in the case, convinced Meyer that Hunter Biden, the defendant, has not been cooperative in answering questions about his income.

The order said, ”the plaintiff alleges that the defendant has failed to fully answer these interrogatories and the specific defects are listed in the plaintiff’s May 18, 2023, motion for contempt. The court will hear only evidence of those defects to determine if a finding of contempt and sanctions are appropriate.”

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The order said Hunter Biden “is hereby given notice that his ‘ability to pay’ is or may become a critical issue in the contempt proceeding.”

At the hearing, Hunter Biden “will have an opportunity at the hearing to respond to statements and questions about his financial status (e.g., those triggered by his responses on the form),” the order wrote.

The judge also noted that Hunter Biden “is subject to an express finding by the court that he has the ability to pay.”

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If he were found in contempt, the court said it would consider imposing punishments that could include: incarceration for civil contempt for up to six months until Hunter Biden completely answers the questions raised about his income; a fine and jail sentence for criminal contempt; and awarding Roberts $20,000 for attorney’s fees.

Meyer said if Hunter Biden is found in contempt she would consider “[s]triking the defendant’s motion to modify support and his answer to the plaintiff’s motion to change the child’s last name to ‘Biden’ consistent with the court’s long-standing ability to refuse to hear a party when he is in contempt for disobeying its order.”

During a May 1 hearing, Meyer told Hunter Biden’s lawyers that she would not accept a “cryptic type of ballgame” in disclosing Hunter Biden’s income, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

At that time, Meyer issued an order telling both sides that “cryptic or vague answers” were not going to be acceptable.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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