July is National School Board Meeting Month: Time to Let Your Voice Be Heard


Tea Party Patriots Action is encouraging American patriots to help celebrate July as National Attend a School Board Meeting Month.

Between mask mandates and critical race theory indoctrination, schools across the country are ruining the education of American children.

Instead of teaching kids how to read and write, many schools are more focused on inculcating the worldviews of teachers and staff.

Therefore, Tea Party Patriots Action firmly believes that it is the duty of every American citizen to stand up during this crucial point in American history by attending their local school board meetings and standing up for what is right.

Because of this, Tea Party Patriots Action has created a special school board toolkit to equip you with the research and resources you’ll need to to make your message to school board members as successful as possible, should you choose to speak out.

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And whether or not you have kids or grandkids in the school system, you should be doing just that.

Anyone who pays taxes has a right to demand that money goes towards giving kids a quality education, not towards teaching them to hate their country.

Moreover, every single American should show a vested interest in making sure students across the country become the best possible citizens that they can be as a result of the education they received.

If you’d like to get involved if you’d like to access the special school board toolkit, you can sign up to join the National Attend a School Board Meeting Month here.

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