Where's Kamala? VP Hasn't Been in Public in 6 Days, Will Ditch US for Asia on Friday


When President Joe Biden was sworn into office along with his barriers-breaking vice president, Kamala Harris, it wasn’t long before it became clear the administration wanted to give the impression she was deeply involved with the running of the executive branch.

Although Harris, who was a freshman senator when she ran for the presidency herself and was later picked as Biden’s running mate after dropping out early on in the primaries, had little relevant experience and even less appeal to the American people, she began taking calls with foreign leaders on Biden’s behalf as the White House re-branded the administration as “Biden-Harris,” directing federal agencies to do the same.

The jokes have long been running that the relatively youthful, wickedly ambitious Harris is eagerly waiting for Biden to plotz or be otherwise deemed unfit for the presidency — and if she is, she certainly wouldn’t be the only one who is wondering how much longer Biden will last in office.

Yet now that the Biden-Harris administration is in the throes of its biggest and most disastrous blunder yet — the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan — suddenly, Joe is flying solo, and the “Harris” part of “Biden-Harris” is nowhere to be found.

In April, Harris bragged to CNN that she was “the last person in the room” when Biden set his Sept. 11 deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan, yet now, in August, in the days after Kabul fell to Taliban fighters and as the U.S. continues to scramble to evacuate personnel and American allies, she’s not been in any room with Biden.

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When the White House tweeted out a photo of Biden in a Camp David conference room on Saturday as the Taliban approached Kabul to prove he was, indeed, working, Harris joined his meeting with other administration officials by video call.

When Biden addressed the nation on Monday, Harris, we’re told, watched the speech from the “Green Room,” the Daily Mail reported, citing a White House official, although she usually flanks him when he addresses the nation — as she did on Aug. 10 when the Senate passed the long-awaited $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

She hasn’t held a public event since Aug. 12, and while she’s set to join Dr. Anthony Fauci at the Newsmaker Plenary on Thursday to discuss COVID-19 and the black community, according to the Daily Mail, her office has announced no other public events for this week.

Is Kamala Harris hiding from the botched withdrawal?

When asked by a gaggle of reporters ahead of her Aug. 12 event, in which she met with several CEOs to discuss economic concerns if Afghanistan was “lost to the Taliban,” Harris did not answer.

Harris did tweet out her support for the withdrawal on Tuesday, yet she has made no other public comments on the matter.

She is, however, set to jet off to Asia on Friday despite the massive foreign policy crisis, and ironically, a visit to Vietnam is on the itinerary as the administration’s scramble to evacuate Afghanistan is being compared to the 1975 Fall of Saigon, according to The Washington Post.

Yeah, that’s a terrible look.

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Even if she’d never made her previous overtures of being closely connected to Biden’s Afghan policy, which she is now forced to own whether she does so in public or not, Harris is not utterly disconnected from Afghan foreign policy personally, either.

Although it was never one of her primary concerns as a senator or as both a presidential and vice presidential candidate, she was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and would have had access to classified information about the situation in Afghanistan that Biden would not have had at the time, as he returned to private life following his own tenure as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

She also visited Afghanistan ahead of her primary run in 2019, and according to the Los Angeles Times, a former aide said she was “struck” by personal accounts from military members who were deployed there for long stretches of time away from their families.

In April, she was firmly committed to backing Biden’s pullout plans.

Now, she doesn’t seem to want to go near them with a 10-foot pole.

If Vice President Harris is going to be our proxy president as Biden continues to appear to struggle with at times apparent senility and possible dementia, it’s clear she’s a fair-weather proxy president.

Can you even imagine if she was the actual POTUS?

Whether it’s the Biden part of “Biden-Harris” or the Harris part, this administration is a disgrace, through and through.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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