Kari Lake and Wendi Rogers Respond to Bizarre Video of Arizona AG Whipping Nunchucks Around


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich last week shared what has been described as a “bizarre video” that left some saying he should stick to his day job.

Brnovich, who is seeking the 2022 Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, shared a video of himself displaying his skills with nunchucks, a martial-arts weapon, while standing on the roof of a parking garage.

“You want the nunchucks. You got the nunchucks,” Brnovich tweeted.

In the video, he explained that he is only giving the people what they want.

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We’ve gotten a lot of calls, a lot of emails,” he said. “But there’s one thing people definitely want to see.

“They want to see more ’chucks,” he said. “You want more ’chucks? You got more ‘chucks.”

The video raised some eyebrows.

Fellow Republican and former news anchor Kari Lake managed to contain her enthusiasm for the display, indicating she would rather see Brnovich doing a different form of crime-fighting.

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“We want indictments. We want arrests. We want justice!” tweeted Lake, who is seeking to be Arizona’s next governor.

That wish was seconded by Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers.

“With all due respect AG, we want to see arrests – literal crooks being perp walked in hand cuffs. Now, not later,” Rogers tweeted.

Brnovich had last showed off his skill with the martial arts weapon in 2019 after a law was passed decriminalizing nunchucks, according to the Arizona Republic.


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