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Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Floored During 'The Voice' When Contestant Covers Her Song 'I Dare You'

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It’s always a risk for a contestant to sing a judge’s song in any singing competition. The judge will have a personal attachment to the piece and know all its details, making it tough for a contestant to really make a good impression.

But when they do impress, they REALLY impress.

Kelly Clarkson was recently on the receiving end of a shocking performance of her song “I Dare You” on “The Voice.”

When the piece started out and contestant Kelsie Watts began singing, Clarkson listened intently — but it was the whistle notes at the end that really got her, and she immediately punched the button to turn around.

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“You better sing that song!” Clarkson yelled as Watts finished.

“You just one-upped me on my own song!” Clarkson claimed.

“Oh my gosh, you just sang the crap out of my song.”

Gwen Stefani also turned her chair around, following close on Clarkson’s heels, but it was pretty clear that the contestant was a fan of Kelly’s.

Clarkson admitted she doesn’t usually accept contestants that sing her songs, but she praised Watts’ risk-taking and gutsy choice to include the whistle notes, saying that it paid off for her.

“I’m very hard on it,” she explained. “But I was like, you cannot come out here and sing my song like that and not have me turn around.”

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Watts, to nobody’s surprise, chose Clarkson as her coach, and wrote about it on Facebook.

“TEAM KELLY!!!” she shared on her Kelsie Watts Music page. “I am so insanely blessed and honored to be on @nbcthevoice and on the INCREDIBLE @kellyclarkson’s team! God is so good y’all.”

“Thank you @gwenstefani for believing in me and turning your chair for me! And thank you @kellyclarkson for pressing your button and allowing me to be a part of your team on The Voice.”

“Thank you everyone for following my journey and supporting my dreams for so many years. Make sure and hashtag #kelsiewattsmusic so I see your posts! Cheers to new adventures!!!”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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