Kirk Cameron Fires Back, Points Out How Leftist Protester's Outfit Shows Her 'True' Danger


Kirk Cameron has taken notice of one of his protesters.

Outside an event promoting Cameron’s latest children’s book, a camera captured the back of one protester’s jacket, which featured patches warning “This Machine Kills Fascists” and “No Kneecaps for Nazis,” among other things. The protester also carried a sign that read, “IT’S DRAG KIRK, GET OVER IT.”

Cameron tweeted the photograph, noting that the protester’s patch-filled jacket included a “Satanist goat.”

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There is irony in leftists’ promiscuous use of labels such as “fascist” and “Nazi” — terms they never bother to define. It might be helpful, therefore, to show how each term actually relates to modern wokeness.

As a historical phenomenon, fascism is not easily distinguished from its leftist counterpart communism. There are, of course, serious ideological disputes between the two, but differences in doctrine have never produced differences in behavior.

Fascists believe, for instance, that ethnicity and nationhood matter most. Blood and soil connect one person to another. Communists, on the other hand, insist that class unites people across national borders. A factory worker in Russia thus makes common cause with a factory worker in Germany, while the oligarchs of each nation conspire to oppress the laborers in both.

Though divided by ideology, fascists and communists share a fanatical commitment to advance their respective causes by any means necessary, including violence.

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The best way to think of fascists and communists is to envision a broken circle with two plotted points, one on the extreme right representing fascism, and another on the extreme left representing communism. Measured by their distance from one another along the circle, they are polar ideological opposites.

Were we to plot all true fascists and all true communists along this same circle, however, they would congregate at the poles, nearest one another in actual space. This signifies their shared fanaticism.

Protesters who threaten violence against so-called “fascists,” therefore, are in fact fascists themselves.

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The “Nazi” label presents our protester with a similar problem. Nazis were, after all, “National Socialists.”

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party adopted an economic platform that would have appealed to any redistribution-minded leftist. When it came time to secure the support of the army and the industrialists, Hitler quietly dropped this platform, but by then the goal had been accomplished. Many Germans, including Joseph Goebbels, future Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich, had found a home with the Nazis.

Goebbels and other frustrated Germans flocked to the Nazis not because Nazism reinforced their ideological proclivities but because it gave full vent to their fanaticism — their desire to lose their individual identities by becoming part of a grand collective, and then to devote themselves entirely to that cause by forcing it upon others.

The difference between a Nazi mob and a woke mob is a difference in details, not in degrees of fanaticism.

Conservatives might grow weary of woke nonsense, but they should never tire of pointing out the kinship among fascism, its peculiar variant Nazism, and modern wokeness.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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