Layoffs Hit 'Antiracist' Professor Hard, Research Center Being Whittled Down to Nothing


Get woke, go broke. Just look at race-baiting grievance monger Ibram X. Kendi, who had to dismiss almost half the staff at his farcically named “Center for Antiracist Research” amid allegations of financial mismanagement and employment abuse.

The Boston University-based center laid off 15 to 20 staff members just three years after launching, Fox News reported Friday. In July, the group had employed about 45 people.

“The Center is evolving to a fellowship model,” a university representative told the outlet. “Dr. Kendi remains the Director. We can confirm that there were layoffs at the Center.”

It was only three years ago that left-wing billionaire Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gave Kendi $10 million to help fund his race-hustling pet project.

Where did all that money go?

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Kendi is a Black Lives Matter supporter who has rabidly pushed critical race theory, a metastatic cancer that has infested every major U.S. institution.

Essentially, CRT demonizes white people by saying they’re all racist and patronizes black people by saying they’re helpless victims.

Is Kendi driving division with his “antiracism”?

The Center for Antiracist Research launched in the summer of 2020, when the nation was ravaged by BLM riots over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Interestingly, Kendi — who’s known for spewing anti-white, anti-capitalist vitriol — is being slammed by his staffers for his poor leadership, according to The Boston Globe.

“Current and former employees in the center who spoke with the Globe were critical of Kendi’s management and questioned how a department that has received millions of dollars in donations and grants since its launch could now be in a position where it is cutting staff,” the outlet reported Friday.

Saida Grundy, an associate professor of African American & Black Diaspora Studies at Boston University, left the center less than a year after being hired as an assistant director.

“She said the center lacked structure and she was forced to work hours beyond what was reasonable for the pay she received,” the Globe reported.

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Grundy told the newspaper: “It became very clear after I started that this was exploitative and other faculty experienced the same and worse.”

Kendi was lampooned on social media over the turn of events.

Bestselling author Christopher Rufo, who has fought against the indoctrination of CRT in public schools, torched Kendi’s troubled race-hustling grift.

“Ibram Kendi’s ‘antiracism’ center is collapsing,” Rufo said in a post on Saturday. “He hired a bunch of left-wing academics that produced almost no research, but complained that he was ‘exploitative’ and forced them to work too hard.

“Now he’s laid off nearly half of the employees and they’re trashing him publicly.”

Just like BLM, Kendi’s toxic, race-baiting program is imploding. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s paying attention.

First, the demand for “anti-black racism” far exceeds the supply. Just consider the sordid tales of Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett.

Second, while race hustlers are skilled at extorting money from sympathetic people, they’re rarely good financial managers.

Seriously, where did the $10 million that Dorsey gave Kendi in August 2020 go? What about the other donations his failing organization received?

This warrants a serious investigation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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