Leftists Go Berserk When They See Sinema Shake Hands with GOP Senators After Nuking Filibuster 'Reform'


Leftists on Twitter had a hard time coping after Kyrsten Sinema managed to near-single-handedly block her party’s attempt to dismantle the Senate filibuster last week, then politely shook a number of her GOP colleagues’ hands following the vote.

During a heated session on Wednesday, as The Associated Press reported, lawmakers debated changing Senate rules to gut the filibuster (Democrats call it “reform”) — which generally requires substantive bills to get the support of 60 senators before the bills can proceed.

During the debate, desperate Democrats pointed to the history of opponents to civil rights legislation (mainly Democrats) using the filibuster, as this is literally the only halfway-convincing reason they have to cover for their obvious attempt to leverage their current tie-breaking vote advantage in the upper chamber.

Of course, this has been convincing enough to the Democrats’ base, so they’re lapping up the narrative that Sinema, who along with fellow Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted with the GOP, is enabling “systemic racism” — and all the nonsense the left uses to disguise subversive power-grabs as morally indignant policy platforms.

It didn’t seem to help matters much for emotionally triggered Twitter users that Sinema, the dissident moderate Democrat who has already been driving the left batty by refusing to budge on President Joe Biden’s radical social spending agenda, was also sporting a red dress for the occasion.

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To Democrats, this was apparently tantamount to taking a victory lap around the Senate chamber draped in a Trump flag.

Think I’m kidding?

Check out some of the responses:

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If you think that harping on Sinema’s fashion sense was sexist, just consider the vitriol unleashed by former Clinton official Robert Reich, who declared in a now-deleted tweet that “Tonight, Republican senators lined up to shake Kyrsten Sinema’s hand. Democratic senators should have given her the backs of their hands.”


It was that bad.

Of course, all the hysteria and wildly inappropriate calls for a woman to be back-handed are likely entirely lost on Sinema, who wouldn’t have had the guts to stand up to the 2022 Democrats on an issue they’ve linked to racism if she hadn’t already stopped caring what the angry leftist masses think about her.

Regardless of what conservatives may think of Sinema and her positions — despite the wild claims of her critics, she’s a far cry from a Republican — you’ve got to recognize that she has clearly committed to standing her ground.

At first, it might seem funny that the leftist Twitterverse would be so upset to see this relatively benign display of professionalism between Senate colleagues, but the outburst gets a bit more sinister when you consider why they are so upset.

Is Sinema brave for standing up to the Dems?

We all know that what really triggers the left is not Sinema shaking her colleagues’ hands, but her refusal to be shaken by all the hysteria, bullying, and attacks that have been directed her way for as long as she’s signaled a willingness to buck her party and stick to her own agenda.

Today, the leftist narrative is protected with aggressive digital outrage mobs — or, in Sinema’s case, real-world mobs; remember, last year she was followed by “activist” goons who went as far as to follow her into the bathroom and record her because they were displeased that she’d blasted her fellow Democrats for stalling the infrastructure bill and ignoring moderates like herself.

In that kind of political climate, standing up to the outrage mobs is a radical act, and that’s exactly what Sinema’s done.

What’s more, by doing so, she’s highlighting exactly why more people like her need to do the same.

Harassment as an accepted form of political discourse can only continue as long as its intended targets bow to the mobs. All it will take is more moderates of courage refusing to budge in spite of, or even perhaps because of, the insanity.

One sees why the GOP senators were glad to shake this brave senator’s hand. She didn’t just side with them politically, she sided with the American public against a dangerous cultural trend that threatens to utterly destroy our democracy if it is not squelched.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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