Liberal Privilege: Professor Lands Cushy Job After Holding Machete to Man's Throat, Bullying Pro-Life Students


American colleges and universities have been the spawning ground of radical leftists for too long. The freedom-sucking parasites produced in these once-vaunted institutions that have turned into Marxist indoctrination camps have seeped into society at large to rot America from the inside out.

The poison fruit of these liberal strongholds does not fall far from the tree.  The misnamed “schools of education”  have become hotbeds of progressive ideology. Many unknowing students have wandered into what they thought were the hallowed halls of higher education only to be transformed into vile spewers of hate and confusion.

They’re getting away with it. Remember Professor Shellyne Rodriguez? She’s the one who held a machete at the throat of veteran New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton.

Simply doing his job, Fenton knocked on the door of Rodriguez’s apartment in the Bronx, New York, in May.  The incident was caught on camera and there’s no way Rodriguez could wiggle out of her culpability by blaming the reporter for provoking her with “white privilege” or “patriarchy” or the latest half-baked theory of oppression Marxists dream up in their campus offices.

Rodriguez was an adjunct art professor at Hunter College — ranked the 39th most liberal college in America in 2020, according to CBS News. She was fired by Hunter for her dangerously crazy behavior after the incident went viral. It now appears the smoke has blown over. Rodriguez has been offered a new position at Cooper Union School of Art, a private college in New York City’s East Village, according to The College Fix.

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In the video, Rodriguez threatened to chop Fenton up with a machete, which very well may have killed him. I don’t know what happened to Rodriguez to turn her into a hate-filled college professor, but I do know she must have gone to graduate school to get credentials for the job. You do the math.

“Get the f**k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” shouted Rodriguez from behind the closed door of her apartment, according to the Post. Quicker than a rabid feline on meth, she then pounced through the door and held the blade to the Fenton’s neck.

“Get the f**k away from my door! Get the f**k away from my door!” Rodriguez repeated before slinking back through the door and slamming it. She was charged with harassment and menacing following the incident.

Fenton was at the apartment to question Rodriguez about another one of her feral moments when she attacked a student anti-abortion group that had set up an informational booth at school.

That was captured on video, too. Both incidents are below:


“You’re not educating s–t. This is f–king propaganda,” Rodriguez frothed. “What are you going to do like anti-trans next?”

“I mean no, we’re talking about abortion,” a male student said and then went so far as to apologize for “triggering” Rodriguez’s students.

Unable to contain herself, Rodriguez ranted the display was “violent” and accused the student of lying about the apology “because you can’t even have a f**king baby.” She then cleared anti-abortion information off the table and exclaimed,  “f**k this s**t” before turning her back and walking away, according to The Post.

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It’s plain to see that Rodriguez is unhinged and suffering from acute radical progressive dysphoria syndrome. She is a danger to the public — including students and reporters — who happen to cross her path. Hunter College was right to fire her.

The question is, why would Rodriguez be listed as an adjunct instructor on Cooper Union’s fall schedule? The answer is obvious: Radical leftists take care of their own and academia is a safe haven for radical leftists.

The schedule lists S. Rodriguez as teaching a three-credit sculpture class. Shellyne Rodriguez happens to be the sole faculty member with those initials listed in the staff directory, according to The College Fix.

Do you agree there is a double standard benefitting liberals?

On the other hand,  the smattering of conservatives who — by bad luck, bad timing or bad planning — find themselves teaching at colleges and universities live in constant fear of professional assassination.

Take the case of David Richardson, a self-described gay conservative and a 33-year veteran educator at Madera Community College in Califonia. According to Just the News, college officials are “investigating the tenured history professor for the ‘serious misconduct’ of handing out chocolate.”

Richardson told Just the News that he was put on administrative leave not for handing out chocolate but because of the gendered pronouns on the wrappers. The chocolate bars with nuts had  “He/Him” while the bars without nuts had “She/Her” wrappers, a cute way to highlight a self-evident truth.

The next thing he knew, a letter was delivered to Richarson “by a uniformed police officer” indicating he was on paid administrative leave for creating a “hostile work environment” and harassing colleagues “based on gender.” You can’t make this stuff up.  And that’s one example among many.

According to the New York Post, “Since 2015, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has recorded a staggering 591 instances of retaliation toward college faculty members for expressing their ideas.”

You can bet the overwhelming majority of the “retaliations” were against conservatives. As of March, about a quarter of college professors are conservative, according to RealClearEducation. That means 75 percent of college professors do not identify as conservative.

In 2022, The College Fix found “that about 50 percent of departments have no registered Republican professors.”

In that same year, The Harvard Crimson found that “80 percent of surveyed Harvard faculty identify as liberal.”

Taken together, the surveys leave no doubt that conservatives are hopelessly outnumbered in our colleges and universities. The cases of radical leftist ideologue Shelley Rodriquez — who is unquestionably violent — and David Richardson — a tenured 33-year college veteran who identifies as gay — indicate that liberal privilege is not only alive and well in our education system, it’s toxic.

The double standard in higher education is emblematic of the country at large. Liberal privilege means you get away with and are even rewarded for bad behavior.

If there is any hope of taking the country back from radical leftists, education is on the frontline.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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