Liberals Jeer at Trump, Chant 'Vote Him Out' During Moment of Silence for RBG


Leftist activists, both in the streets and in the halls of Congress, continue to unmask themselves as the crude and intolerant people we know them to be.

While the country’s current political and cultural divide has just about everyone on edge, vitriol from the far left has fomented the unrest since November 2016, when President Donald Trump won an election in which he wasn’t supposed to be competitive.

The fix was in, and so when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton refused to show up on that New York podium, and instead sent out John Podesta to tell everyone to go home and regroup, America entered a new era.

That era was one where no institution would be considered sacred and no action or event would ever be spared from becoming a political battle.

That includes the mourning of a liberal icon — one such as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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The barking from leftists online began within an hour of news of Ginsburg’s death Sept. 18, and on Thursday, her physical body became the scene of a spectacle as it sat in repose at the Supreme Court in Washington.

The president and first lady Melania Trump visited the court to pay their respects to Ginsburg, and the reaction was a reminder of just how sharp the divide in the country has grown.

C-SPAN shared video of the Trumps’ visit to the court, and the jeering from the leftist activists outside was so loud that their words of vitriol were audible.

The video should have displayed a solemn, bipartisan moment, but leftists hijacked it when they booed and shouted slogans such as “Vote him out” and “Honor her wish.”

Of course, Ginsburg didn’t do herself any favors by politicizing her coming death when she reportedly gave her last wish to her granddaughter.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” the 87-year-old said, according to granddaughter Clara Spera.

There is no “final wish” clause with regard to sitting on the high court, and the seat she left behind belonged to the people, not Ginsburg.

If she indeed said that, Ginsburg threw gasoline on the fire before she’d even passed away.

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Still, in more rational times, the left would have given one of its supposed heroes a chance to be properly remembered.

The passing of a long-serving and historic figure belonged to the country, despite policy disagreements.

But the leftists jeered while using her dead body as a political prop Thursday, showing us again who these people truly are.

The left doesn’t care about Ginsburg’s death.

These people only cared for what she offered them while she was alive, which was a reliable liberal voice on the Supreme Court.

Democrats hoped she would cling to life for a few months longer so that she could die and be replaced by a Biden administration with someone the left could use to legislate from the bench for decades to come.

The moment she died, she became political fodder, a weapon that could be used to attack the president.

Hatred for Trump will always outweigh the love Democrats have for anyone, even a revered liberal icon such as Ginsburg.

So much for oft-stated leftist sentiments such as “Love trumps hate” and “When they go low, we go high.”

Many Democrats today are filled with a hatred that they can no longer keep contained.

Of all people, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina summarized Democrats best in 2018 when he scorned them for putting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family through hell on Earth during his confirmation hearings.

Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it,” Graham said.

Come Nov. 3, we’d all better hope they don’t get the power they so desperately covet.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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