Liz Cheney Considering Third-Party Presidential Run to Stop Trump: 'Whatever It Takes'


It seems that a dream world exists in which high profile entertainers and politicians belong. The rest of us aren’t privy to it, but I doubt we are missing anything.

Who does belong this world? The Cher’s, Madonna’s, Streisand’s, De Niro’s, and Springsteen’s, all of whom have vowed to exit the U.S. if former President Donald J. Trump wins the presidency in 2024. As if their absence will leave us crushed.

I promise you, you won’t be missed by either Trump or his voters. And neither will the votes inadvertently peeled away by another occupant of that dream world, former Rep. Liz Cheney.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Cheney revealed that she is seriously contemplating a third party presidential bid in an effort to save democracy from the villainous clutches of Trump. She feels it is at risk under his care — not just at home but across the entire world.

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Her exact words according to the Post, “I happen to think democracy is at risk at home, obviously, as a result of Donald Trump’s continued grip on the Republican Party, and I think democracy is at risk internationally as well.”

That one clear statement alone reveals the extent of Trump’s power. Inadvertently, Cheney declared Trump limitless, uncovering the core of Democrats, liberals, and global elites’ inarguable fear.

They feel what is coming. It is no secret that Trump declared war on the ten House Republicans who voted for his impeachment after the Capital incursion, vowing to get rid of them during his second term.

Do you think Liz Cheeney would succeed as a third party candidate?

She really doesn’t care about democracy in my opinion. She is an egomaniac who despises Trump for his continued relevance and influence. And beyond that, she hates the notion that she has neither.

She’s a disgruntled has-been, living in that bitter, imaginary world noted above alongside all of the other disgruntled has-beens, who can leave the United States at will, unlike most Americans. This is their home come what may.

The notion that anyone would be waiting to learn of Cheney’s third party presidential bid in the new year is outlandish. It supports my theory above. Someone needs to stop her before she hurts herself or Biden, for that matter. He will be the only one bleeding votes if Cheney’s third party presidential bid comes to fruition. If it is anything more than a book tour ploy, she may want to begin watching her back.

The Democrats won’t have it because they know she won’t be hurting Trump. No Trump voter will ever vote for her. She will be chipping away at the base of Biden, and he is already living on his knees, literally and figuratively.

To that same end, the former House vice chair of the Jan. 6 Select Committee didn’t discount supporting Biden if she chose not to run in 2024. Cheney will do “whatever it takes” to keep Trump from returning to office, adding further to his legacy power, she told the Post.

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The depth of her hatred for him sparks questions among conservatives regarding what’s actually in her own closet. Even more so is the fact that after losing her primary during the 2022 midterm elections, Cheney created a super PAC specifically to flood money into races “to prevent election deniers from winning,” according to Axios.

It correlates with another point that she made in her Post interview. She said, “We face threats that could be existential to the United States, and we need a candidate who is going to be able to deal with and address and confront all of those challenges.”

I get the feeling one of those threats is undeniably Cheney, herself. Otherwise, how do you explain her actions towards Trump? I suspect she’s hiding quite a skeleton.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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