Mac Repair Store Owner Recounts 'Chilling' Threat FBI Made to Him Regarding Discussing Hunter Biden Laptop


John Paul Mac Issac — the owner of the Apple repair store where Hunter Biden reportedly dropped off his MacBook Pro in 2019 — said the FBI made a not-so-subtle threat in response to a joke he made at the time.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked Isaac during a Monday interview about the computer repairman’s new book “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth” if he recognized Biden when he brought in the laptop to his store in April 2019.

“I really never cared enough about the Bidens to pay attention to what the offspring looked like, so I did not recognize him,” Isaac responded.

“It wasn’t until the check-in process when he announced who he was, and then also I kind of put the pieces together when I saw the Beau Biden Foundation sticker on one of the laptops,” he added.

Hemmer asked Isaac to confirm an account in his book regarding a threat an FBI agent made to him.

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“I kind of was asking for it because, first off, when the agent showed up to my shop with a subpoena, I don’t think any of those agents ever saw someone so excited to be handed a subpoena in their lives,” Isaac recounted, referring to the subpoena to take the laptop.

“Don’t worry lads. When I wrote the book, I’ll change your names, and that’s when Agent Mike turned around and told me in their experience nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about these things, which was kind of chilling, but out of respect I did change Agent Mike’s name in the book,” Isaac noted.

The Washington Post reported that after the FBI did not appear to be taking any public action concerning information contained in the laptop, Issac gave a copy of the laptop’s hard drive to then-President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who eventually passed it on to the New York Post.

Do you think Republicans should make investigation the information contained on the laptop a top priority?

The New York Post published emails in October 2020, just prior to the general election, it said were from the laptop containing details of the Biden family’s overseas business dealings in China and Ukraine and video that suggested illegal drug use, including a crack cocaine pipe.

Issac is encouraged to see the GOP taking over the House, so a true investigation of the information on the laptop can happen.

He told Hemmer that he has provided House members with a clean version of the laptop’s hard drive and an account of “every interaction I’ve had with the FBI.”

Isaac would like to see the FBI held accountable “for colluding with our mainstream and social media to block” the Hunter Biden laptop story.

He also wants House investigators “to get to bottom of what the Biden family was up to when Joe Biden was vice president.”

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In a Thursday news conference, Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky — ranking member House Committee on Oversight and Reform — stated, when he assumes leadership of the committee in January a top priority will be investigating the information contained on the laptop.


“This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and President of the United States, and why he lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes,” he said.

“National security interests require the committee conduct investigation, and we will pursue all avenues,” Comer continued.

The congressman listed some potential Biden family crimes including conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud, violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, human trafficking, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Comer said the committee will investigate whether President Joe Biden is “compromised or swayed by foreign dollars or influence.”

“I don’t think a lot of people realize the evidence that’s already out there pertaining to Hunter Biden,” he concluded, “And I don’t think anybody realized that Joe Biden is in fact involved in a lot of these.”

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