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MAGA Mask-Wearing Nuns Light Up Twitter When People Spot Them Behind Trump at Rally

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A trio of nuns supporting President Donald Trump stole the show during a Saturday rally in Circleville, Ohio.

The president arrived in the city, which is located roughly 25 miles south of the state’s capital, Columbus, to tout American energy independence and jobs, and even to celebrate the return of Big Ten football.

Trump also used the event to further demonstrate the contrast between him and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on the issues.

“Biden has vowed to abolish fracking, right? He says we’re going to not frack anymore,” Trump said, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The president added, “700,000 Ohio jobs would be destroyed.”

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Trump also touted the return of football from The Ohio State University, the state’s flagship school, which earlier had taken the field for the first time in the season.

“I know that life in Ohio is not complete without the glory of Ohio State football and other football,” Trump said.

But while Trump delivered remarks celebrating the preservation of life in Ohio to a large crowd, three nuns behind him stole the show, and quickly became famed online.

Each of the women were wearing “Make America Great Again” face masks.

Standing directly behind the president, the three women became an online sensation.

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The women did not speak to reporters, but their prominent presence at the Circleville rally was particularly interesting to many, considering Biden himself is Catholic.

Tish Durkin, writing for The Atlantic, reported last week that many devout Catholics are not supporting Biden’s campaign.

“To take an arguably more germane page from history, John F. Kennedy had to go on television in 1960 to reassure voters that he was not too Catholic to serve as president. Sixty years later, Biden is compelled to reassure voters that he’s Catholic enough,” Durkin wrote.

While Biden attempts to build a coalition of voters to defeat Trump next week, at least three sisters in Ohio have apparently already made up their minds.

For a few hours over the weekend, their decision made them internet famous, and also highlighted Biden’s struggles to unify voters with whom he shares a faith.

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