While Many Americans Skip Thanksgiving Due to Inflation, Look Where Biden Will Be Spending the Holiday


I’d write “Happy Thanksgiving,” but for many of us, it’ll be anything but that. A recent survey by Personal Capital revealed that too many Americans doubt they’ll have enough money for Thanksgiving this year, while others said they’ll be forced to skip it altogether.

The survey indicated that Thanksgiving dinner will be skipped this year for a staggering one in four Americans, according to Personal Capital.

That’s because President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis, which is still cranking at a near record-high, has all but zapped the available funds that American families would usually have to put toward a nice Thanksgiving meal.

While Americans struggle to fill the table with food, Biden and his family will spend the Thanksgiving holiday at the $20 million Nantucket, Massachusetts estate of billionaire David Rubenstein, a private equity tycoon. According to the New York Post, it’s the second year in a row for the Bidens to celebrate Thanksgiving like only America’s wealthiest can these days.

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Why does it feel like elitist Democrats are the only people enjoying the things we used to enjoy, like Thanksgiving dinners, while working-class Americans are forced to choose between name-brand and store-brand ketchup to save a few cents?

“1 in 5 Americans are concerned about affording Thanksgiving dinner this year, according to a recent Personal Capital survey. #Bidenflation is crushing Americans’ budgets this holiday season & Democrats still have NO plan to end the reckless government spending that created it,” House Republicans tweeted last month.

Do you blame Biden for the current state of our economy?

Back to the Personal Capital survey… it gets worse. One in four Americans doubted they even have the funds to whip up a Thanksgiving spread this year.

Additionally, only seven in 10 Americans said they’ll even celebrate the holiday this year, down from nine out of 10 last year. To say that’s genuinely sad is an understatement.

Finally, for the lucky Americans who have a little left in the bank to cook a Thanksgiving meal, they indicated they’d spend 33 percent less than what would usually be allocated for such a meal.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicated that the price of food at home increased 12.4 percent year-over-year in October.

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Anyone who’s been to a grocery store in the past six months would agree that it would be a dream if it were only a 12.4 percent raise. The coffee creamer I bought last year at Walmart for $1.99 now costs almost $5.00. That’s insane, and it’s no wonder household debt is rising.

Speaking of household debt, under Biden, the Household Debt and Credit report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicated that household debt rose an astonishing $351 billion in the third quarter of 2022 alone, making for a current total household debt of $16.51 trillion, according to Fox Business.

After the Bidens fill their bellies on Thanksgiving with luxury foods that most of us probably haven’t even heard of, let alone afford, the first family has also seemingly tied up all the local resources in Nantucket for a tree-lighting ceremony to take place on Main Street on Friday.

“With President Biden once again planning to attend Friday’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Main Street, @NantucketPoliceDept. has issued the following security advisory for those planning to attend. Barricades, parking restrictions, street closures, and security screening,” the Nantucket Current tweeted.

It might not be quite as bad if Biden acknowledged that many of us are going through some pretty tough times under his reign. But it’s become painfully clear that he can’t read a room. His last message to the American public regarding the looming home heating crisis, for instance, was that families will be eligible to save a little money on solar panels.

The same people who can’t afford Thanksgiving dinner this year can save on their electric and heating bills if they install $16,000 solar panels? Got it. It’s the same familiar narrative pushed by Democrats for other issues.

Can’t afford gasoline? Buy a $56,000 electric vehicle. Homeless? Buy a house, silly! Problem solved.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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