Masked Harris Shouts 'Surprise' Walking Into Her Own Surprise Party, Kisses Fully Vaxxed Masked Husband


Authenticity isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Many offer her obviously calculated, artificial personality as the reason she failed so miserably in her bid for the presidency.

In what can only be described as an utterly hilarious display, Harris reminded us of her absolute inauthenticity during her birthday on Wednesday.

The White House staged a surprise party for Harris, likely in order to make her seem more relatable.

Upon her arrival, however, Harris bungled the whole plan, unintentionally revealing the “surprise” wasn’t a surprise at all.

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Just watch the below video and try your best not to laugh at the absurdity.

Yes, you heard right. Harris was already yelling “surprise” before she even entered the room.

Is Kamala Harris authentic?

What followed was some uncomfortable chortling among the staffers who were all roped into this sham.

That’s not even the worst of it.

There’s little doubt everyone present is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, yet despite this, Harris walked in wearing a mask and even refused to take it off as she kissed her husband.

The whole display was utterly performative. It wasn’t a group of employees celebrating their boss’ birthday.

Rather, the video you just watched was merely an act of propaganda put on by a group of political operatives.

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These sorts of inauthentic displays are commonplace within the Biden administration.

Again, in this second video, Harris and President Joe Biden masked up to greet each other despite the fact that both are fully vaccinated.

All of the glimpses we get into this administration are calculated and fabricated.

Furthermore, when it comes time to talk to the media, Biden often refuses to do so. When the administration is forced to answer questions, it often deflects and dances around the truth.

Say what you want about former President Donald Trump, but you never had to wonder what was on the guy’s mind.

Biden is completely the opposite. No one has any idea what he’s thinking.

Some are even questioning whether he’s thinking at all.

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