Matt Gaetz Officially Announces He's Nominating Trump for Speaker of House if GOP Defeats Pelosi in 2022


Former President Donald Trump could return to Washington in January if Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has his way.

During a Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday, Gaetz told a screaming crowd he would go forward with an idea he first considered last year.

“There is no greater country than America! There is no greater president than Donald J. Trump! And if you don’t mind me saying so, there is not a better member of Congress than Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Gaetz said.

“Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi, take back the majority, impeach Joe Biden, and I’m going to nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the United States House of Representatives,” Gaetz said as the crowd yelled its resounding approval.

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During his speech, Trump focused heavily on President Joe Biden, noting at one point in his speech, “We have a president that has no idea what the hell he’s doing.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has predicted that the GOP will win big this fall.

Would you want to see Donald Trump as House Speaker?

“We’re going to win the majority, and it’s not going to be a five-seat majority,” McCarthy told Punchbowl News, according to The Hill.

“I call it a 50-year election,” McCarthy said, according to U. S. News & World Report. “’It won’t come around like this in the House’ for a long time.”

Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina said the GOP needs to make the most of its opportunity.

“I think right now, not being the Democrats is a sufficient answer to win the election,” he said

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“But that doesn’t make us worth a damn as a governing majority. That doesn’t electrify our electorate. That doesn’t bring over folks that are in the middle,” he said.

The post of House Speaker has always been a previously elected member of the House of Representatives. But according to a 2015 article from NBC News, that is not necessarily a requirement.

The United States Constitution states, “The House of Representatives shall chuse (sic) their Speaker and other Officers,” NBC reported. Nowhere does it say the House must choose someone who is already a member of the House.

NBC said the official position of the office of the House Historian, agreed upon by the Clerk of the House, is that the speaker “has always been (but is not required to be) a House Member.”

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