A Mere 9% of Biden's $1.9T 'Rescue Plan' Directly Combats the Virus


President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ coronavirus relief bill does not focus on fighting the pandemic as much as people may think.

“About 9 percent of it [is] actually going to COVID, meaning 91 percent of it [is] not even COVID-related,” Republican Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina said on the House floor in February.

Politifact rated Budd’s claim as “Half-True,” but the fact-checking outlet broke it down in a way that still supports the congressman.

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Do you support this coronavirus relief bill?

While Politifact made it clear that the other 91 percent of the bill could indirectly help the United States bounce back, it still holds true that only 9 percent directly goes to pandemic relief efforts.

Dubbed “The American Rescue Plan,” the legislation provides a third stimulus check of $1,400 to most individuals who make under $75,000 a year.

The package also includes money to fund federal government programs and encompasses lots of questionable spending within that.

Republican House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise called out House Democrats in regard to where the money is being allocated, particularly with education spending.

“We had an amendment to require that if you’re going to give hundreds of billions of new money to schools, shouldn’t it [at] least be used to open those schools?” Scalise said in a House floor speech posted to his Twitter account Wednesday.

“The science says to open schools. The union bosses say no. You look at what’s in this bill, you look at what’s not in this bill. This should be a targeted relief bill, but instead, this is an attempt by Speaker Pelosi to further promote her socialist agenda. Ninety-five percent of the money in this bill for schools can’t even be spent this year. So this bill actually keeps schools closed longer,” he continued.

“And think about that juxtaposition, Mr. Speaker. President Biden has created a crisis at America’s border. President Biden said America’s border is open, but in this bill he keeps schools closed.”

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The national debt is currently nearing $28 trillion and is only getting higher each day, but few lawmakers seem to care about the debt anymore.

By spending money that essentially is not there, the United States is inching closer to a debt crisis — and bills like this one only make the situation more perilous.

After narrowly passing both chambers of Congress along party lines, Biden is expected to sign the bill Friday.

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