Mike Huckabee: It's Day 2 and Biden Is Already Becoming a Disaster for Democrats


Immediately upon taking office, President Biden started issuing a flurry of executive orders to undo President Trump’s legacy (of success).

They include halting the financing of the border wall (walls provide security at inaugurals, but apparently not at borders), rejoining the World Health Organization (which has really distinguished itself during the pandemic), including non-citizens in the Census count and other things I tried to warn you about before the election.

But some of these reversals might not be so easy.

Remember, I predicted that his biggest enemy won’t be Republicans; it will be reality.

Democrats have publicly railed against Trump’s “evil” policies for years while enjoying the benefits they brought, including strong job creation, rising wages, Middle East peace and cheap and abundant fuel.

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Now, Biden is poised to undo those policies, but at the expense of losing all the benefits they never gave Trump credit for.

If he were smart, he’d find a way to keep the policies and claim them as his own by calling them “new and improved, now with more liberal compassion!” or something like that.

But nobody ever claimed he was a genius.

Instead, Biden seems bent on mindlessly reversing everything, but he might meet more resistance than he thought.

Do you think much of President Biden's agenda will be blocked in the courts?

I told you that before he even took office, labor unions and other Democrats were already pushing back against his plan to kill the Keystone oil pipeline project (because it’s so much better for the environment to move oil by truck, train and ship).

Then, immediately upon taking office, he signed an order to put America back into the economy-crippling Paris climate accords despite the fact that under Trump, America reduced its CO2 emissions more than any nations that remained in it.

I’ve said that both it and Biden’s reimposing of the Iran nuclear deal will likely be met with legal challenges because they are plainly treaties, which require two-thirds Senate approval.

As risky as it is to depend on the courts, Biden is already meeting resistance there.

A court has blocked his Department of Health and Human Services from forcing Catholic doctors to perform transgender surgeries.

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If enough lawsuits are filed, Biden’s agenda could be blocked in the courts until Republicans can take back Congress and the White House.

Before Democrats start crying foul over that, I’ll point out that we learned it from them. It’s exactly the way they stymied Trump’s agenda for four years.

Only they relied on liberal activist judges who ignored the Constitution. We’ll have to seek out judges who’ll defend it.

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