Mike Huckabee: Don't Be Fooled by the Euphemisms – Biden and Harris Are Abortion Extremists


One of the key issues that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris keep dodging is their support for abortion rights up to the moment of birth and horrifically, even beyond.

This is the barbaric practice of denying the basic civil right of life-saving medical care to a baby born during a “botched abortion” (the only medical procedure that’s considered a failure if the patient lives).

There used to be a place in the party for pro-life Democrats, but no longer. The leaders have made it clear that if you don’t embrace abortion up to the point of obvious infanticide, you no longer belong.

To hide the barbarism of this viewpoint, they obscure what’s really happening with fuzzy, meaningless euphemisms, like “the right to choose” or the shockingly dishonest “reproductive justice” (where is the justice in murdering the most innocent human beings on earth?)

In Kamala Harris’ California, authorities even try to prosecute and imprison reporters for exposing what abortionists are actually doing.

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As bad as promoting this heartless position is, it’s even more infuriating when they try to accuse the pro-life side of not caring about the mothers or the children after they’re born.

Pro-life organizations offer all sorts of humane alternatives to abortion to help women who feel they can’t keep their children, including providing them with medical care, counseling and adoption services.

Believing that human life is expendable and that if a baby is inconvenient, it should be ripped to shreds and killed displays a stunning lack of compassion.

If you want a heartbreaking personal example of this, read this story about Amanda Finnefrock, the mother of twins born prematurely who were left to struggle and fight for their lives for up to two and a half hours before they died because the hospital denied them care.

Do you think Biden and Harris are extremists on abortion?

Finnefrock calls President Trump’s executive order insuring that federally funded facilities comply with federal laws requiring medical care for all newborns “a glimmer of hope.”

After reading this, when you watch something like this week’s VP debate and see a defender of late-term and even post-birth abortion try to obscure what that really means and instead accuse Trump of lacking compassion, you will want to throw your shoe at the screen.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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