Missouri House Approves 'Rush Limbaugh Day' to Honor Conservative Radio Titan


A proposal to create “Rush Limbaugh Day” in Missouri had cleared one legislative hurdle.

As for Walter Cronkite? Maybe next year.

On Thursday, the Missouri House approved legislation to honor Limbaugh, who is a native of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, annually on his Jan. 12 birthday.

The proposal to honor Limbaugh was added to a bill creating other days of recognition, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“Rush demonstrated courage to speak boldly and encouraged his listeners and viewers to reach for their dreams and to push onward beyond the naysayers and discouragers that we all encounter in life,” Republican state Rep. Sara Walsh said, according to The Hill.

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A Democrat-led effort to honor Cronkite, who was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, failed.

Democrats opposed a day to honor Limbaugh, who died of cancer in February.

Democratic state Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove said Limbaugh should not be honored due to his “constant attacks on Black people and other people of color.”

But Republican state Rep. Hardy Billington, who sponsored the legislation, said Missouri was honoring a great man, not a perfect one.

“To me, he had been an outstanding deal; he had done so many great things,” Billington said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Now I think I told you before he probably had not been perfect by no means of the imagination but he had done an outstanding job.”

Does Rush Limbaugh deserve a day in his honor?

Billington had first proposed a day to honor Limbaugh in February.

“Rush Limbaugh’s contributions to broadcasting and the conservative movement cannot be overstated. He was, simply put, a legend who cannot be replaced,” Billington said then.

“This is one way we can recognize the outstanding impact Rush Limbaugh has had on our state and country,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The bill heads to the state Senate.

To become law, the bill must pass before the state’s legislative session ends on Friday.

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