M&M's Cuts Woke Mascots After Tucker Carlson Joke but Adds Candy-Coated Kamala Wannabe


Remember last year when Tucker Carlson mocked M&M’s for changing the Green M&M’s heeled shoes to sneakers, in a rather amusing segment, saying that they made the Green M&M “less sexy”?

Well, he has now come for M&M’s once again, and this time, the company is taking the hit.

On January 13, Forbes reported that Tucker Carlson had once again taken a shot at M&M’s in response to a new woke advertising ploy on Twitter that featured all-female M&M’s and spoke about “celebrating women across the country.”

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In response, Carlson said in his segment that “Woke M&M’s have returned.” He also claimed that the Green M&M may now be a lesbian and that “there’s also a plus-sized, obese Purple M&M, so we’re gonna cover that, of course.”

Carlson was not the only one who responded negatively to this latest attempt at a woke advertisement, the reaction of people on Twitter has been anything but friendly.

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One of the most humorous responses came from conservative influencer Nick Adams, who said that M&M’s new woke advertising, “is no laughing matter, it’s a legitimate crisis. Manhood is under attack like no other time in world history.”

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This time M&M’s was unable to avoid the backlash to their obvious PR stunt and issued a statement on Twitter acknowledging that the advertising campaign had been “polarizing” and that they had decided to “take an indefinite pause from the spokescandies.”

They also announced that for the time being, the spokescandies would have their place taken in advertising by comedian Maya Rudolph, whom M&M’s claims is “a spokesperson America can agree on.”

Yet people have not taken kindly to this announcement either, with one Twitter user saying that Rudolph is just another shill liberal comedian, even calling her “Kamala 2.0″

The lesson here is one that we have seen time and time again: get woke, go broke. Twice now in the past year, M&M’s has made woke advertisements, but this time, they are not able to escape the backlash.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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