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Montana Gov Signs Bill Rejecting New Federal Gun Laws

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Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte on Friday signed a law intended to protect the Second Amendment rights of Montana gun owners.

“Today, I proudly signed Rep. Hinkle’s law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms,” the Republican governor tweeted. “I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms.”

On his Facebook page, Republican state Rep. Jedediah Hinkle said the bill is important for Montana’s gun owners.

“Thank you Governor Gianforte for signing HB258 into law today and further protecting Montana gun owners. Additionally, thank you to Montana Shooting Sports Association for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to carry such important legislation for our 2nd amendment rights!” he posted on Friday.

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Gianforte’s action came as President Joe Biden has said he wants to expand restrictions on gun ownership and gun purchases, according to Fox News.

During the debate on the bill, one Republican legislator said Montana needed to be out in front on the issue.

“We don’t know what that’s going to look like, but I don’t have any hope that it’s not going to look bad to those of us who appreciate the Second Amendment,” state Sen. Tom McGillvray said, according to The Associated Press.

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The new law bans law enforcement agencies and state employees from enforcing federal restrictions on guns.

Further, the law bans spending any state money to enforce any federal edicts that seek to ban specific types of guns, ammunition or magazines, Fox reported.

Montana is not the only state trying to carve out protection for gun owners as a federal attack on gun rights is expected.

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has signed a similar law, and one is awaiting Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s signature.

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In Arkansas, GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed his state’s version of a Second Amendment sanctuary law.

Earlier this year, Montana enacted a law expanding the places where a gun owner can carry a concealed weapon.

In signing that bill, Gianforte said Montana would protect its residents’ constitutional rights.

“Our Second Amendment is very clear: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” Gianforte said then, according to the Montana Free Press. “Every law-abiding Montanan should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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