Mostly Maskless Mob Celebrates Lakers' NBA Title by Attacking Police Cars, Chanting 'F*** Donald Trump'


Los Angeles Lakers fans celebrated winning the NBA championship by venting their hatred at President Donald Trump and police.

The Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 106-93 on Sunday in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win the championship series. All games were played at the so-called bubble in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, without fans present due to the coronavirus.

Although Lakers officials had urged fans to stay away from the Staples Center in LA, where the team plays its home games in normal times, a vast crowd of mostly maskless fans gathered in what soon became a rowdy expression of antagonism toward LA police officers trying to control the crowd as well as, in at least one case, profane chants directed Trump.

WARNING: The following video and tweet contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

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Smoke bombs and fireworks filled the streets. At least one person was injured from fireworks.

The crowd hammered on police cruisers and shouted at officers who arrived on the scene. Some threw glass bottles at the police.

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There was also sporadic looting and vandalism.

Some noted that as the mob filled the streets in violation of social distancing rules and wearing no masks, the city has severe restrictions in place on churches and schools.

To limit the damage, the California Highway Patrol closed freeway exit ramps in the downtown section of the city.

Once the celebration began to resemble a riot, Los Angeles police declared an unlawful assembly and arrested those who would not leave on their own.

Police arrested 67 people, according to LAPD Officer Drake Madison, USA Today reported

Five people faced looting charges, and one was held for vandalism. The rest were cited for failing to disperse when ordered.

Madison said one officer was injured by a bottle.

“It would have been nice if there were zero [arrests] and then we could have just celebrated peacefully,’’ he said. “Unfortunately, when it gets to this point, it’s usually because things are getting a little out of control.’’

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