Nashville Gas Station Sign Mocks Hunter Biden


A Nashville gas station is making a statement as gasoline prices rise in President Joe Biden’s America.

The average national gas price hit $3.045 a gallon, the highest since October 2014, the American Automobile Association said Monday, according to Reuters.

The price hike came after the Colonial Pipeline, which carries gasoline to distributors along the East Coast, was shut down due to a ransomware attack.

As a result, thousands of gas stations had no fuel at all and the price spiked where fuel was available.

But at the Lewis Country Store, motorists can at least get a little humor with their high prices, according to Fox News.

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The store features a giant roadside screen that it uses for messages that often have a political theme.

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For example, the screen uses the “E” in the Biden-Harris logo to show an empty gas gauge.

The station also featured a widely distributed image of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, allegedly smoking crack in a bathtub, to compare to high gas prices. The other side of the sign said “hope gas prices don’t get too high.”

The station also trashed wearing a mask long before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said mask-wearing was optional for vaccinated Americans.

“You are not required to verify your medical condition if you decline to wear a mask in our facility nor are we allowed to ask you due to HIPPA rules and regulations,” a sign on a door at the store said in December.

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“Mayor John Cooper and his band of communist cohorts are ‘the real virus’ threatening Nashville!!!”

The station lost its Shell connection in 2016 when it posted a sign supporting former President Donald Trump.

The owners then put out signs offering their take on the incident.

“Due to our refusal to remove our pro-Trump sign, Shell has de-branded us. We will not be threatened or intimidated. Our doors will remain open. Vote Trump on Nov. 8th so this does not happen to you,” a sign at the gas pump said, according to WZTV-TV.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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