New Hampshire Firefighters Rescue Two Men and Dog Trapped in Mud Flats at Low Tide


Most of the time, it’s the uninitiated who get themselves stuck in tricky nature situations, but even experienced outdoorsmen can find themselves in sticky situations.

On Sunday afternoon, two men were hunting with a dog along Squamscott River in New Hampshire.

They came upon a marsh during low tide, and quickly found themselves bogged down in the mud.

One of the men in particular had stepped too close to the water and became trapped in waist-deep mud. After his hunting partner was unable to pull him out, he called for professional help.

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Stratham Fire Department responded. After assessing the situation, they called for backup from neighboring departments equipped with boats and were able to rescue all three within about an hour, according to New England Cable News.

The fire department shared photos of the rescue on their Facebook page.

“Stratham Fire was called on this afternoon to help find and rescue two hunters and a dog stuck in the mud flats at low tide in the area of Chapman’s landing,” their post read.

“Stratham Crews we’re assisted by Newfields and Newmarket Fire departments with their boats to help locate the hunters. Crews utilized ladders and other hand equipment to reach the hunters and extricate them from the mud and marsh.

“It was a dirty job but it ended without injury for all involved. Rescues like this are just another example of how our volunteers continue to assist our citizens in need.

“Thank you to all our responders from, Stratham, Newfields and Newmarket Fire and PD.”

Newfields Fire Department and Newmarket Fire & Rescue also shared the Stratham Fire Department’s post.

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“Newfields and Newmarket responded with our boats yesterday to assist Stratham with a hunter stuck in the mud in the area of Chapman’s Landing,” Newfields posted.

The photos show just how treacherous the muddy banks were and how muddy the rescuers got. One photo shows a fireman holding the dog, who is also coated in mud and even looks a bit embarrassed.

Thankfully the firefighters were able to rescue the trio, but the hunters will probably be a little more careful the next time they visit the area to avoid another such public rescue.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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