NYT Admits Democrats Suffered 'Crushing Losses' Across America in 2020 Election


The Democrats’ down-ballot losses following the 2020 election are becoming more apparent every day, and it’s led even the far-left New York Times to a moment of clarity.

The formerly reputable paper actually concluded in a report published over the weekend that down-ballot losses for Democrats were “crushing.”

Not to give the Times too much credit, as the article, which was written by reporter Trip Gabriel, ignores widespread voting irregularities which we’re told led to a victory by Democratic Joe Biden.

But Gabriel did concede that Democrats got their clocks cleaned by Republicans not named Donald Trump.

Gabriel reported that Biden’s “victory” in the election “did not translate into a wide rebuke of other Republicans, as Democrats had expected after the party made significant gains in suburban areas in the 2018 midterm elections.”

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“From the top of the party down to the state level, Democratic officials are awakening to the reality that voters may have delivered a one-time verdict on Mr. Trump that does not equal ongoing support for center-left policies,” added Gabriel.

The Times report concluded Biden, a man who apparently cannot play with a puppy without harming himself, won the election after President Trump drew the ire of suburban voters.

That evaluation of the election is questionable, as are the results of the overall election in a number of key battleground states.

Trump’s legal team is currently seeking an answer to those questions, but down the ballot, Republicans, as of Monday, had picked up a net gain of 11 House seats, leaving Democrats with a slim 222-212 majority, for now, according to Real Clear Politics.

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That’s not a sign of the overwhelming mandate Democrats expected.

The blue wave never materialized, and so you’d expect a great many Democrats are spending a lot of time in the mirror evaluating what went wrong.

Gabriel is among them.

Democrats are already plagued by infighting following their losses in the House.

The overall message reported among aggrieved Democrats is they apparently recognized some voters might have been turned off by rhetoric about defunding police agencies and supporting riots.

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To pour salt in the wound for Democrats feeling defeated in what was supposed to be a referendum on Trump and Republicans, The New York Times described their performance in the House and in state race as “crushing.”

After gubernatorial races were called, Republicans added to their slim majority and hold a 27-23 lead.

Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democrat Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney to take the governor’s mansion for the GOP.

Additionally, the GOP flipped the New Hampshire Legislature, taking both the state House and Senate, while holding ground in other states.

Down-ballot races were a massive letdown for Democrats, and not even The New York Times can find a way to frame that positively.

Senate Republicans, so far, have netted one loss.

How the two Georgia Senate runoffs will be decided remains to be seen, but there is a strong possibility that the GOP could retain control of the Senate.

Even if Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are defeated, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has signaled he’ll be no rubber stamp for radical Democrats in the Senate.

A victory from Loeffler, Perdue, or both, would ensure a GOP majority.

If both lose, to get anything done, Democrats would almost certainly need Manchin onboard and a Vice President Kamala Harris to break the tie on every vote.

No matter how the quagmire that is the 2020 presidential election ultimately shakes out, Democrats are right to be disappointed in their down-ballot losses, as they underperformed their own expectations — probably led astray by bad polling and pollsters — and are likely to have a difficult time forcing a radical agenda on the country.

Short of the complete loss of the House, Democrats were handed a major defeat.

The Los Angeles Times, another liberal publication, is also not sugar-coating the losses for Democrats.

The Times reported on Monday, “Democrats are now in the process of recalibrating their expectations on a wide variety of issues, such as immigration, healthcare and climate change … In terms of legislation, that means Democrats are scaling back their plans — and their rhetoric.”

The Times further reported, “Ambitious liberal policies like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal are likely to be pushed to a back burner,” while also noting, “Democrats could be facing a House majority as small as 222, just a few more than the 218 votes needed to pass legislation.”

Democratic Rep. Scott Peters of California told the newspaper, “People were talking in a really cocky way before that Democrats were going to take the trifecta [White House, Senate and House], and we were not ever going to talk to Republicans about anything. We were going to ram all this policy down their throats.”

Democrats will likely be denied the opportunity to run the government unopposed, no matter what happens with the Senate runoffs and the White House, and there’s a silver lining in that.

It’s more of a reason for conservatives to get out and fight for American values such as limited government, border security, individual liberty and election integrity.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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