NYT Forced to Change Headline After Piece Suggests Anti-Semitic Attacks Help Conservatives


The New York Times stealthily updated the headline of a recent opinion piece that condemned anti-Semitic attacks — not because they’re wrong — but because of their potential political ramifications for Democrats.

This is how broken, corrupt and nasty the leftist establishment media machine is.

The so-called “Newspaper of Record” on Monday published a piece by Michelle Goldberg that grabbed attention with a headline that treated the targeting of Jews across the U.S. and in Europe as a matter of political inconvenience. The piece was posted by The Times under the headline, “Attacks on Jews Over Israel Are a Gift to the Right.”

The original headline did nothing, other than affirm that Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem. After swift criticism online, the paper changed the headline to read: “The Crisis of Anti-Semitic Violence.”

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That’s quite a contrast in tone. Twitter users took notice, and rightly shamed the leftist rag.

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The story itself was more nuanced than its tone-deaf headline, displaying Goldberg’s apparent sympathy toward embattled Jews in the wake of nearly two weeks of Hamas rocket attacks across Israel, followed by devastating counterstrokes from the Israeli Defense Forces. But the message was the same.

Goldberg opined that attacks against Jews hold up a system of “apartheid” and “discrimination” to Palestinians, and also argued that the news of attacks against Jews “undermine progress” leftists who support Hamas have made.

“[T]his violence also threatens to undermine progress that’s been made in getting American politicians to take Palestinian rights more seriously,” Goldberg wrote. “Right-wing Zionists and anti-Semitic anti-Zionists have something fundamental in common: Both conflate the Jewish people with the Israeli state.”

Do you think the left has a problem with anti-Semitism?

“Israel’s government and its American allies benefit when they can shut down criticism of the country as anti-Semitic,” she concluded.

The New York Times did not explain the rationale for changing the original headline for Goldberg’s piece through an editor’s note, but the reasoning is obvious: The paper showed its anti-Semitic hand.

Surely someone on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan cares for the suffering of American and European Jews. But the people running the newspaper care about the optics of attacks like these more than anything:

Why do leftist Democrats and their voters have such an issue with intolerance and violence? Why is it that when Jewish or Asian-Americans are beaten in major cities, the attackers aren’t white guys in MAGA hats?

The New York Times didn’t have anything to say on that Monday. The paper, through a headline that blurted out the stakes of the game, simply asked its allies on the left to stop hitting and kicking people so that Democrats in Congress have a better shot going into 2022.

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