The National School Boards Association Labels Parents 'Domestic Terrorists,' And That's Just the Tip of the Iceberg


In July, Tea Party Patriots Action released a guide to help parents and other concerned citizens navigate how to address school boards and participate in school board meetings. While conducting research for the guide, we stumbled upon all sorts of school associations that appeared to have undue influence on local school districts around the nation. We included a nine-page analysis of two of the biggest associations in our how-to guide.

One of the associations we highlighted was the National School Boards Association. Yes, that is the same association that, in a late September letter, asked the Department of Justice to classify and investigate parents as “domestic terrorists.”

The parents’ supposed crimes? Showing up to school board meetings, upset about things like racial division and actual segregation, literal pornography in school libraries (including elementary schools!) and never-ending mask mandates.

Due to the research we did over the summer, the NSBA’s letter smearing parents as domestic terrorists came as no surprise to us. The NSBA has been up to no good for decades. It claims to represent 14,000 local public school districts and 50 million students across America. However, it’s very clear after reading through its website, documents and reports, and watching its conference and training videos, the reality is the opposite of representation.

Instead, the association appears to push radical, left-wing, teachers union-endorsed policies down onto local school boards via the (often left-wing) state school boards associations. There is no “representation” of the families and taxpayers of a school district in the NSBA.

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For example, the association is obsessed with “equity,” which should never be confused with equality. As background information, equity means equality of outcomes for entire groups, while equality means equal opportunity for every individual. As any rational person understands, it is impossible to guarantee exactly equal outcomes for two individual human beings, let alone whole groups of people. Different people have different desires, talents, passions, goals, work ethics, etc. The only way to even attempt the equal outcomes of groups or individuals is with force, and even then, it is still impossible.

However, this reality does not matter to the National School Boards Association. It is all-in on equity and believes equity is one of the most, if not the most, important policies that every school board in America should pursue. Furthermore, contrary to its claim that it “represents” students and families, it also does not matter to the NSBA that droves of parents are showing up to school board meetings in passionate opposition to the implementation of a hateful, racist, divisive and un-American ideology like critical race theory.

Or, rather, it matters to the association, but not in the way that it should. The NSBA’s takeaway from angry parents showing up to school boards to have a say in the way their children are educated (or in Loudoun County, Virginia, the way their children are sitting ducks for predators), is to weaponize the deep state against American parents.

The NSBA also seems to take donations from corporations, mainly “woke” companies who push Black Lives Matter, radical LGBT ideologies and so on. Interestingly, with a large enough donation, corporate representatives get the “privilege” of becoming honorary members of NSBA’s racial councils.

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Yes, you read that correctly.

The association has various councils whose memberships are based on race, such as the National Black Council of School Board Members, the National American Indian and Alaska Native Council of School Board Members, the National Hispanic Council of School Board Members and the National Council of Urban Boards of Education. It’s probably not a shock to know that these race-based councils come up with all sorts of radical, racist policies, which they then bring to the larger NSBA body for a vote to adopt as the organization’s position or policy.

All of this segregation and racism is also partially funded by your tax dollars. Members of the NSBA must pay dues to obtain that status, and the dues are paid from the state school boards associations… which also collect dues from local school boards. It’s unlikely and unreasonable to think that individual school board members are paying out of their own pockets to be members of the state and national associations. This means that money comes from tax dollars. Surprise!

The NSBA also lists “partners,” nonprofit organizations with whom it works. Again, not a surprise, but every partner listed is a left-wing organization. For example, it works with the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is a collection of liberal legislators. But it doesn’t work with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a collection of right-leaning legislators.

The NSBA also references an organization called “Mental Health America.” MHA is a rabidly left-wing group that believes we must “decolonize” mental health, and that mental health care that is focused on the individual perpetuates white supremacy and the oppression of “marginalized groups.” It also advocates hardcore LGBT messages. Why is the organization that purports to represent all the school districts and students and families only working with left-wing organizations that advance ideologies and issues in direct opposition to what parents want?

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There are too many points to raise about the NSBA in just one article — which is why we devoted nine pages to this issue in our how-to guide — but there is one last question we want to raise.

The NSBA brags a lot about how its office is located right outside of Washington, D.C., and how it has access to elected officials. It holds lobbying training for its members as well. So, here is the question: Why is a private organization that is made up of publicly elected officials using tax dollars to lobby other elected officials without the people’s consent or knowledge on public policy that impacts the voters’ lives? The whole operation doesn’t smell right.

Voters have no idea how their school board members vote on NSBA ballots, and we have no idea what they are lobbying for or against. Simultaneously, the NSBA uses the talking point of “representing 14,000 school boards and 50 million students” as its clout, giving itself credibility and the appearance of power and consent.

There is no transparency because it’s a private organization, but when the members are publicly elected officials and they are lobbying other elected officials in your name and with your tax dollars, for policies you oppose … something needs to change.

Tea Party Patriots Action is calling for the dissolution of the National School Boards Association by means of every state school board association rescinding their memberships. The NSBA, in our view, shouldn’t exist. It is a corrupt organization that has used tax dollars in opposition to what parents want, for way too long. And, after the NSBA is destroyed, we believe every state school board association needs to either be dissolved or taken over by new local school board members who love America and want children to be educated, not indoctrinated.

For all the gory details, download our guide. It contains information on running for school boards, how to take over your PTA (because those are left-wing too now!) and more; the section on the NSBA begins on page 22. You can watch and share our video presentation on the NSBA. Finally, download our how-to guide about critical race theory, so that you can fully understand what organizations like NSBA are trying to force into the minds of America’s children.

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