Ottawa By-Law Services Posts a Cruel Reminder for Freedom Convoy: Pets Are Taken When Owners Are Arrested


Members of the Freedom Convoy were hit Thursday with a sickening reminder from a city regulatory service about what happens to pets after their owners are arrested.

Ottawa By-Law Services warned demonstrators that their fluffy friends would be seized if care cannot be provided for them, giving a deadline of eight days to retrieve the detained animals.

Owners unable to provide for care within that timeframe, such as short-term political prisoners, seemingly lose the right to redeem their pet.

The code enforcement service posted the warning on Twitter, a message pointed directly at members of the Freedom Convoy.

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A follow-up post by the service argued their rights are clear under city code.

“The Animal Care and Control By-law provides for temporary ‘protective care’ by the City of animals in the event that the owner is not available,” the service wrote, “under circumstances including eviction, incarceration, or fire or medical emergency.”

Are these threats to the Freedom Convoy protesters going too far??

The Ottawa animal control ordinance does allow for the seizure of animals under this situation, but more importantly it also explains what happens to animals whose owners run out of time.

After the deadline arrives, cats and dogs seized by the city are entered into the pound system as a “day-one” arrivals.

These animals could get adopted out to new homes, escape or even be euthanized in the event of a problem.

Pet owners have descended on Ottawa from across the massive country of Canada, and it’s likely that not all of them have family or friends able to make the long-haul drive to rescue a dear pet.

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The announcement comes as national and local officials increase the pressure against the Freedom Convoy, while police appear intent on cracking down on demonstrators.

Considering Canadian President Justin Trudeau’s assertion that the truckers should be stripped of their bank accounts and subjected to even crueler punishments, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that some pet owners arrested at the protest may be held for longer than eight days.

Those caught without a plan for their pets could be in for major heartbreak.

The cruelty of the announcement caught instant backlash online, as many rushed to call out the code enforcers for the callous post.

Considering the Canadian government’s worrying moral slide, separating owners from their pets might soon become a tool used against people with the “wrong” political views.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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