Pat Nolan: Thou Shalt Not Steal… an Election


When something dear to you is stolen from you, you call attention to it and try to recover what was rightly yours. How could anyone say you were wrong to do so?

But the media and a handful of wimpy Republicans are throwing shade on President Donald Trump for saying the Democrats are trying to steal the election, despite evidence that that is exactly what the Democrats are doing.

I have experience with stolen elections: For the last 40 years the GOP has had multiple seats stolen. I witnessed one those thefts firsthand.

In 1980, I was a Republican assemblyman in California. The GOP worked hard to increase our numbers so that we could prevent Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters and their squad of leftists from wreaking havoc on the Golden State.

In the ’80 election we added two new Republicans, bringing us to 32 out of the 80 members. We were on a roll.

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But a funny thing happened on the way to building a majority. The Democrats stole one of the seats we had rightly won.

In Stockton, the Republican candidate had won by 21 votes. That was close, but nevertheless it was a win. In fact, it was so clear that our candidate had won that he was sworn into the Assembly with all the other members just a month after the election.

But chicanery was afoot. The night of the election, after the votes were all counted, the registrar placed the ballots in a storeroom. There was only one door to the storeroom, and a seal was affixed to that door.

When the staff arrived the next morning, they found the seal broken and a new tray of absentee votes inside. There was no explanation of where the tray had come from or who had broken the seal and placed them in the closet.

Do you think Democrats are trying to steal this election from President Donald Trump?

However, the Dems brought in an extremely aggressive lawyer from back east to engineer their theft of that Assembly seat that we had won outright. When the registrar had completed counting the ballots on election night, the GOP candidate had received 2/3 of the absentee votes. However, in what can only be described as a modern-day miracle, 2/3 of the “immaculately conceived” absentee ballots were marked for the Democrat candidate — exactly the opposite of all the other absentee ballots.

To no one’s surprise, that was just enough to erase the GOP win of 21 votes and hand the seat to the Dem by 35 votes. We wuz robbed!

I was incensed by their trickery and I vowed that I wouldn’t let the Dems steal another seat. I had my staff track down the “junkyard dog” lawyer who stole what we had rightly won. I immediately put him on retainer so that Willie Brown would not have the lawyer’s help in stealing another seat from us in 1982.

When we contacted the lawyer, he chuckled and said, “I wondered when you would get around to calling me. I have stolen seven seats from you across the country.” That’s right. He was that open about his skullduggery.

He met with us to teach us his modus operandi for stealing elections.

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Here are their tactics:

  • Assemble a team of hard-core attorneys (usually union-affiliated) who are willing to get in the face of the county clerk staff and our volunteer lawyers.
  • Identify the spot on the ballot where the office they are trying to steal is located. Then, ignore the rest of the ballot, focusing entirely on the target race.
  • When we challenge a ballot marked for their candidate, fight tooth and nail to get it counted. Over time, the clerks and our volunteers are worn down by these tactics and from then on are  reluctant to bring on the wrath of the junkyard dog labor lawyers.
  • If the ballot is marked for our candidate, unleash their frothing-at-the-mouth tactic to disqualify that ballot and raise a fuss until they overwhelm our objections. If the clerks side with us, the Dem lawyers heap abuse on them. After a couple hours of these attacks the clerks realize it is easier to give in to them than to incur their hateful abuse, and they relent.
  • Surreptitiously wedge pencil lead under fingernails and make stray marks on ballots cast for our candidate. Then, challenge those ballots for having stray marks, which automatically invalidates them.
  • During breaks, have shameless Dem lawyers sidle up to clerks whose seem predisposed to the Democrats. Flatter these clerks and pump them for information that will be helpful as the count goes on. From then on, the clerks the lawyers cozied up to are more likely to side with Democrats in any disputes.
  • The most emphatic point he made was: Once their candidate is in the lead, even if by one vote, stop counting right then, and fight like hell to end the count. He said that continuing the count only risks adding more votes for our candidate.

Which brings me to the current controversies about the 2020 presidential election.

Of course, we want to count every legally case vote. However, the Democrats have systematically kept our monitors from being able to observe the ballots being counted. We must have access close enough to see the ballots as they are opened, and to challenge the invalid votes and flag improper handling of the ballots. Our monitors have been kept far from the counting tables in many jurisdictions.

The counting in the contested states must be halted until our observers have the access they are entitled to by federal law. Contrary to their claims, the Democrats are not for “counting every vote.” They only want to count enough votes out of sight of our observers so that they can claim they have won.

It should be noted that in all of the contested states the secretaries of state were elected with huge contributions from George Soros. In addition, the registrar in Maricopa County, Arizona, was elected with large contributions from Soros.

These far-left secretaries of state preside over the counting of ballots in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. What a coincidence.

These states may ring a bell — they are precisely the states where the counting inexplicably stopped Thursday night.

The next morning a huge increase of Biden votes appeared, with none for Trump. Nothing to see here, folks. Just move right along.

Do they think we are stupid? These tactics are outrageous. Remember the tray of “new” absentee votes in Stockton in 1980? They are at it again.

Every concerned American should be angry at this clear corruption of the election process. As the Communist dictator Joseph Stalin is often said to have observed, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

We must insist that “Thou Shalt Not Steal” be the byword in counting the votes. It is not wrong to take back what was rightly yours to begin with. Saying “Stop, thief!” is totally appropriate.

And acting to regain what was stolen is virtuous, particularly when it is as sacred as our vote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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