'PAW Patrol' Spinoff 'Rubble & Crew' Sneaks In First 'Non-Binary' Character


If the phrase “Queer Kid Stuff” doesn’t sound the alarm, you’re either confused to the point of incoherence (woke) or a full-blown cultural Marxist hiding behind the LGBT banner (woke).

If you don’t think the crazies are coming for your children, you’re crazy. Normalizing the abnormal is the name of the game, and they’re targeting kids because they’re innocent.

Children haven’t developed the cognitive tools to fend for themselves. They’re helpless. The Queer Kid Stuff crowd and those who support them are not going to stop until you stop them.

In yet another attempt to corrupt youth by usurping natural law with “non-binary” nonsense, Lindz Amer, who runs a YouTube channel called “Queer Kids Stuff,” was recruited to write an episode of a spin-off of the popular Nickelodeon cartoon “PAW Patrol,” according to a social media post by conservative commentator Robby Starbuck on Monday.

“I regret to inform you that Paw Patrol has gone woke,” Starbuck wrote. “Their new spin-off series ‘Rubble and Crew’ added a trans character.”

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According to Today’s Parent, the demographic for “PAW Patrol” is children ages 2-4. How many kids in this age group do you know who have gender theory on their minds?

“Lindz runs the Queer Kids Stuff YouTube channel that indoctrinates kids into the trans ideology,” Starbuck continued. “Hollywood is working to indoctrinate your kids into the woke cult. Paw Patrol’s new spinoff series is just the latest example of it.”

Lindz Amer wasn’t too happy about Starbuck’s post. The “non-binary” LGBT activist blocked his post 15 minutes after it was posted and instructed her confused followers to report accounts who comment on her “PAW Patrol” post, according to Starbuck.

Amer’s Instagram gleefully brags about her attempt to write a “non-binary” character “kids at home” could look up to.

Even more worrisome — if that’s possible — is the fact that the introduction of the LGBT character attempts to be subtle.

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The character River, a skate-boarding photographer, wears socks that are purple, pink, blue and white “as a nod to the gay pride and transgender flags,” according to Breitbart.

It wasn’t subtle enough to get by the adults. A post on X called it right: “They are literally trying to sneak this stuff in.”

Amer is not so subtle on the “Queer Kids Stuff” website.

“At Queer Kid Stuff, our mission is clear: to foster understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities and issues among young minds and their families, it says.

Would you let your children watch this?

In another in-your-face move, Amer wrote the 2023 book “Rainbow Parenting: Your Guide to Raising Queer Kids and Their Allies.”

If that’s not enough, in an episode on the YouTube show, Amer instructs kids that abortion is a good thing.

Gays for Trump isn’t on board with Amer. “Who would teach their 5-year-old this crap?” the account said.

On the other hand, Mombian, a site for “lesbian moms,” loved “Rubble & Crew” and asked like-minded people to thank Paramount and Nickelodeon for airing it.

“I also encourage you to contact Nickelodeon and its parent company, Paramount, to tell them how much the episode means to you and why you want to see more nonbinary and other LGBTQ representation in kids’ media,” it said.

To drive the point home, Mombian listed contact info.

Good idea. Two can play that game. I encourage you to let the bigwigs know you do not support trans propaganda in “Rubble & Crew” by contacting Paramount investor relations (877-227-0787, [email protected]).

Starbuck also has a few ideas on how to strike back at the confused cultural Marxists — whether they know it or are merely useful idiots.

“After watching this video, you know what they’re doing now so if you oppose it, do three things: Turn off mainstream shows for good, don’t let your kids surf the internet without supervision and share this video to wake up more parents,” he said.

“Also as a bonus… In the comments tell us all the ways you’ve seen entertainment attempt to indoctrinate kids into the woke cult. All the comments might wake some people up too!”

It bears repeating: The Queer Kid Stuff crowd is not going to stop until you stop them.

What are you waiting for?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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