Pelosi's House Physician Lectures Room Full of Republicans on Masks, Doesn't Bother Wearing One Himself


Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the man reportedly responsible for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new mask mandate for members of the House of Representatives, was photographed not wearing a mask while briefing Republicans about his recommendation on Wednesday, according to The Federalist.

Monahan, the attending physician for Congress and the Supreme Court, decided this week that the oh-so-dangerous delta variant of the coronavirus warranted a second mask mandate for lawmakers. That recommendation includes those who have been fully vaccinated for COVID.

The recommendation didn’t appear to be very scientific, which is probably why Pelosi, the tyrant she is, ran with it. Elected officials at one of the top levels of government now have to wear masks that we aren’t sure work to protect them from a disease to which they’re presumably immune.

That’s what vaccine proponents say, anyway. They tell us the vaccine works.

None of this makes any sense, which is why Republicans are shredding the new mandate.

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The return of the mask to the House doesn’t make sense to Republicans, and apparently Monahan doesn’t really put much stock in masks, either.

The image of him briefing the lawmakers sans mask was shared on Twitter by Sean Davis of The Federalist.

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“House attending physician Brian P. Monahan gave a briefing to GOP House members today on Pelosi’s new mask mandate,” Davis said. “Per a source in the room during the briefing, here is Monahan not wearing a mask during his briefing on why Republicans must wear masks.”

He added, “A source who was in the room during the briefing said Monahan’s mask was off for at least 45 minutes and possibly up to an hour, so it wasn’t an issue of Monahan removing the mask for a brief instant and then putting it back on.”

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado must have been in the room with the Monahan, as she commented on Davis’ photo.

“When asked about not wearing a mask for more than an hour, he said he was acting under the ‘recognition rule,'” Boebert tweeted. “That rule applies to the House Chambers.

“[Monahan] claims he’s not political, but when he puts partisan rules over the CDC guidelines he’s promoting, it’s hard to believe.”

Apparently, the coronavirus and its new variant are more deadly in some areas of the Capitol complex than others.

Perhaps the delta variant is neutralized when one is sitting down, which would negate the need for people to wear a mask after they’ve been vaccinated.

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With the variant now supposedly threatening all of humanity, Democrats are taking it on head-first, approaching the situation as they did with the original strain.

We all know that worked wondrously, especially for the civil liberties of so many Americans.

Something is seriously wrong with this picture — beyond the obvious fact that a man reported to be behind a new mask mandate for vaccinated elected officials was not wearing a mask when he told them why they needed to wear masks.

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