Pet Owners Post Hilarious Pictures Shaming Their Misbehaving Pets


If there’s one thing that can unite people despite their differences, it’s animals. Pet owners share a bond forged by giving their hearts to their furry, scaled, or feathered friends and doing their best to keep their critter companions healthy and happy.

But the same can’t always be said for the recipients of that attention. Sometimes, whether through accident or calculated attack, our pets get up to no good.

To that end, people have taken to sharing photos of their pets, often with descriptions in the form of signs hanging near or around the pet’s neck, describing the naughtinesses that has occurred.

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There are a lot of bathroom mishaps. A lot.

Some of the photos were taken at just the right time, such as the photo above. Puppies are notorious for being chewers and having a rather long destructive phase, but this pupper seems to have a taste for everything.

For others, taste is questionable. Some dogs aren’t into destroying things because they’re curious and learning about the world around them — some chew to punish, and there are accomplices.

“My family went to Six Flags without me, so I ate the couch,” reads the sign on the dog to the left in the image above. The other dog’s sign says “I ate the throw pillows.”

It’s unclear who started the rift between the two below, but the grudge is clearly being held even across species.

Biting things because you’re a puppy, destroying furniture out of spite and snapping up some vegetables all make some sort of sense… but eating crayons?

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They don’t even smell like anything. That doesn’t stop some curious creatures, though.

Many of the photos posted feature dogs being shamed — perhaps because cat owners know to expect shenanigans and cats are repellant to shame.

Even this one doesn’t seem sorry in the slightest, despite the fact that she wreaks litterbox havoc.

In many of the dog-shaming photos, the pups look what many would read as “guilty.” Not so for the cats.

The cats seem to wear their signs of shame like badges of honor, and they definitely look like they’d do it again. Happily.

It’s not just the feline and canine owners getting in on the shame fest. Other animals do questionable things, too.

Like eat other pets, apparently.

Or their own young.

Not sure which is worse — eating a kid’s pet or eating the eggs you were supposed to hatch out. Either way, their owners clearly saw the terrible humor in their respective situations and decided to share a laugh.

If you own pets, you’ve no doubt experienced their questionable behavior at some point or another.

What have your critters done that would be worthy of some good-natured shaming?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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