Police Department Bows to BLM, Removes Major Emblem for Being 'Tool of Oppression'


A self-righteous white supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement took to social media to gloat this weekend that she got a police department to remove the “thin blue line” emblem that has long been used to represent the service that officers of the peace perform for a civil society.

And just like that, racism was solved.

Alpha News reported that Hannah Kosloski of Sartell, Minnesota, celebrated the news that the Sartell Police Department was removing its decals and flags thanks to a petition she created demanding the imagery, which she declared was used as a “tool of oppression,” be removed from police vehicles in the town.

“I just received confirmation that the Sartell Police Department will be removing the ‘Thin Blue Line’ decals AND the flag inside the police department!! Woohoo! This is a great day folks!” Kosloski wrote in a Thursday Facebook post, according to Alpha News.

Her petition garnered a whopping 601 signatures.

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While Kosloski did take pains to express respect and appreciation for the Sartell Police Department, she claimed that the “thin blue line” had been co-opted by racists and used to “mock” people of color in the community, which she noted was 90 percent white.

“Although it is not the intent of the Sartell PD, flying and adorning the thin blue line flag directly isolates our community members of color and makes a mockery of the Black Lives Matter movement,” her petition read. “The flag no longer just means solidarity and sacrifice. It is now used as a tool of oppression and hatred by pro-policing groups like ‘Blue Lives Matter’ in response to calls of racial injustice, police brutality, and systemic racism towards Black people in our communities.”

“We all need to be taking direct action to learn, re-learn, and asses our own racial bias in order to address national systemic issues that exist in our own backyards,” she continued in the petition, dutifully reciting the religious tenants of critical race theory, which essentially asserts that white people must recognize and repent of their inherent, inescapable racism lest they be perpetually branded as white supremacists and shunned by the morally superior progressive establishment.

And Kosloski certainly has earned herself quite a few years off her sentence in racist purgatory with this substantial act of penance and atonement, no doubt.

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“After reviewing your request with the Police Department and other City staff, we write this letter to inform you that the City is removing the Thin Blue Line flag decals on the police squad cars and the Thin Blue Line flag from the Sartell Public Safety facility,” an attorney for the city wrote to the ACLU on Thursday.

Alpha News noted that the prominent left-wing group was apparently recruited by the eager local activist to join her arbitrarily symbolic cause.

However, Kosloski was adamant that these repentant city officials could claim no moral high ground, as they’d taken far too long to accommodate her demands (or something).

“You do not to to credit. You were apart of this. You instead actively choose to prioritize yourself over your community,” she declared. “We watched you. We are continuing to watch you.”

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Grace is not a common attribute of today’s militant social justice warriors, and there’s a good chance that for all her heated rhetoric and demands that this small Minnesota flag take pro-police decals off its police cars, a radical leftist of higher rank would throw Kosloski under the bus as an apostate in a second were they to have any reason to believe she had done, said, or thought the wrong thing at some point in her life.

Here’s what’s wrong with all of this: The premise of the Black Lives Matter movement is that police are inherently racist.

Thus, the movement has fallaciously branded every group or argument that disagrees with this assertion as perpetuating systemic racism in policing and white supremacy as a whole, which is as erroneous as it is ridiculous.

No, asserting that police are necessary for maintaining a civil, lawful society is simply not the same as asserting that systemic racism should remain intact.

Kosloski had the decency to separate her local police department from the broad-sweeping accusations of systemic racism in policing (this itself could be the act that would get her excommunicated from the religion of wokeness, in theory) but she does not possess the logical faculties to put together that supporting police in reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement is not, in fact, mocking people of color.

This is a lazy argument at best, and it’s getting absurd that we’re still having this discussion. Yet we’ve gone way past the point of being able to have it coherently.

The Black Lives Matter movement and all its associated assertions are the woke progressive version of “When did you stop beating your wife?” posed to not only our nation’s overwhelmingly ethical members of law enforcement but to our entire system as a whole.

Thus, the dutiful white adherents who try to do penance on the altar of critical race theory are not, in fact, combating racism in any way, shape or form. They are going along with harmful, divisive rhetoric that is hyper-charging our nation’s pain and remorse for its own dark history of racism and reviving animosities and bitterness that should have been long buried.

This is not how you fight racism. It’s how you revive it — and take down everything left that unites Americans of all ethnic backgrounds in the process.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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