Poll: Americans Are Increasingly Unhappy with Biden's Actions on the Economy and Guns


A new poll shows vast unease with President Joe Biden, whose administration has been attacking the Second Amendment amid a feeble economic recovery and soaring prices.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that as COVID-19 abates, the economy has replaced the coronavirus as the top concern facing Americans, according to a Reuters report Wednesday.

The poll, which was taken June 11-17, found that Biden’s handling of the economy dropped from an April poll in which a majority approved of his performance.

The president also saw a major dip in his approval rating on gun control between April and June. Support for Biden’s anti-gun agenda dropped 8 percentage points overall and 11 points among Democrats.

Biden’s approval on the economy dropped 4 percentage points to 48 percent in the new poll, while the disapproval rose 4 points to 43 percent.

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The Reuters report didn’t provide sampling information or a margin of error for the poll.

Democratic pollster Ryan Pougiales told the outlet that anxiety is widespread across the country.

“There’s a huge impatience,” Pougiales said. “Everyone’s been bottled up in their homes. Many have lost their jobs or lost loved ones.”

Although Biden still received strong support for his economic agenda, the poll found that his 78 percent approval rating had dropped 7 percentage points since April, with a 6-point increase in disapproving Democrats to 15 percent.

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Key voting blocs courted by Democrats in 2020 led the way, with an 11-point drop among Democrats under 40 years old and an 8-point drop among minority Democrats polled.

“He’s in a delicate position with respect to the economy,” said Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University, according to Reuters. “His coalition ranges from people in high tech sectors to suburban swing voters to more traditional Democrats. They all want different things from the economy.”

Only 35 percent of those surveyed said they believe the nation is moving in the right direction.

Forty-four percent said they were “very concerned” about price increases.

Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump predicted inflation was “going to be rampant” and “very bad,’ according to Fox Business.

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“We had energy independence when I left [office]. Gasoline was $1.87, now it’s going to be double that. It’s going to be triple and quadruple that,” Trump said.

“Food prices, everything, lumber for a house is up at a level that it’s never been so it costs much more for housing. It’s inflation,” the former president said.

Biden last week unveiled what he said was an agenda to address crime.

But as the National Rife Association noted, “rather than look to real solutions,” the president “decided to blame the Second Amendment, law-abiding gun owners, and the legal manufacture of firearms.”

“He could have pledged to go after the criminals who commit violent acts with firearms, or promised to expand gun rights so that more law-abiding citizens will be able to exercise their right to self defense against these same violent predators. Such actions have proven, real-world success in helping to address violent crime,” the NRA said.

“Instead, he simply did what he has done for the last 50 years. Blame guns, gun owners, and gun manufacturers. This strategy has failed for as long as Biden has been in government, and America deserves better. To put it in a way that even Biden might understand, ‘C’mon, man!'” it said.

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